Nazi at the German Federal Constitutional Court

Wiltraut Rupp-von Brünneck (2nd from right)

Not that much of a surprise, but there you go. The SPIEGEL reported this and a book will be available (in German). Here she is featured on Wikipedia, Wiltraut Rupp-von Brünneck (also in German). Excerpt translated:

“Wiltraut Rupp-von Brünneck, daughter of a lawyer in the Prussian Ministry of Justice, graduated from high school in 1931.[1] After studying law at the universities of Berlin, Königsberg, Göttingen and Heidelberg, Wiltraut von Brünneck passed the first state examination in 1939. She was then drafted into the Reich Labor Service and served as a Wehrmacht helper in the air defense from 1939 to 1941. During the Nazi era, she was a member of the NS-Frauenschaft, wrote programmatic essays in National Socialist journals (“Die Aufgaben der Frau im Recht”, “Die Industriearbeiterin im Recht”), and discussed the position of women as “guardians of the law” in the “Volksgemeinschaft”. She praised the “closeness to reality” of National Socialist ideology, which corresponded to the “essence” of women. After working as an assistant to one of the crown jurists of the National Socialist legal view, Wolfgang Siebert, at the Friedrich Wilhelm University (later Humboldt University) in Berlin, she moved to the Reich Ministry of Justice in 1943 as a Regierungsrätin (government councilor) and took on an advisor position.”