You’re just a sick, fuckin’ joke of a lawyer without any integrity

“Law is a glittering lure. But there is the rare occasion when the client can be fooled on a level beyond flash, if he has a sentimental bond with the product, me, and my fee.”
With apologies to Mad Men.

Howdy crooked lawyer Sonja Hein-Schnieder,

You took on three cases. All concerning a young migrant. My Tibetan daughter. More than three years ago. From the very start you cared shit! Not only that. You colluded with the judge and the opposing party. Then you just fucked off into the sunset by having a fax (which is against the law) sent to the court by a third person (again against the law) on the day of a hearing. Your reason? No time. Gee, you are quite some friggin’ ridiculous lawyer chick to say the least.

Gets even better. You publicly proclaimed in an interview with the Munich Bar Association to have a sentimental relation with money and you do not feel properly remunerated. That’s deft. Then you have it pulled from their website, forgetting there’s the Wayback Machine and Docplayer. Embarrassing. That exactly seems to be your TM.

Ovid might offer some perspective: “Let your swift mind encompass what it is that you love, and withdraw your neck from the collar that hurts you. … You see few rivers flow from mighty fountains: by many inflowing waters they’re multiplied.

Perhaps you try to turn a little professional and the monetary flow will be multiplied. It might also be advisable you add a “safe harbour” statement to your public presence so that people have a chance to stay clear. Sturgeon’s Law, ya know.

I have copy/pasted the following, blatantly breaking all copyrights. Here we go:

“If the lawyer gives notice of termination – in the form of a declaration of intent which must be received – he/she has a post-contractual (subsequent) duty to provide information if the (former) client is threatened, for example, with direct damage related to the previous performance of the contract – for example, as a result of the expiry of a deadline. Various professional duties also have an after-effect – and remuneration must be secured.”

“Sofern es zu einer Kündigung seitens des Rechtsanwalts oder der Rechtsanwältin – in Form einer empfangsbedürftigen Willenserklärung – kommt, trifft diesen/diese eine nachvertragliche (nachwirkende) Pflicht zur Aufklärung, wenn der (ehemaligen) Mandantschaft bspw. ein unmittelbarer, mit der vorangegangenen Vertragserfüllung zusammenhängender Schaden – etwa infolge eines Fristablaufs – droht. Auch wirken diverse Berufspflichten nach – und es gilt, die Vergütung zu sichern.”

Here we are on the subject me thinks. I would appreciate you disclose what you have raked in. Raked in under breach of contract, mind you. One can hardly call it “earned” in an ethical sense. But hey, that’s you.

Section 627 BGB (German Civil Code) states:

“The right of termination is restricted for the lawyer only insofar as it may not be declared “untimely”, as stipulated by Section 627 (2) of the German Civil Code (BGB). Such a termination would be the case, for example, if the advisor resigns his or her mandate immediately before the filing of the application or the suspension of the statute of limitations for which he or she was called in, or shortly before a court date, and the client – possibly under the pressure of the application or statute of limitations deadline or the date – must now act independently because he or she can no longer find a new advisor in the short time available.”

“Das Recht zur Kündigung ist für den Rechtsanwalt oder die Rechtsanwältin lediglich insoweit eingeschränkt, als diese nicht „zur Unzeit“ erklärt werden darf, wie es § 627 Abs. 2 BGB vorschreibt. Eine solche Kündigung wäre beispielsweise der Fall, wenn der Berater unmittelbar vor der Antragstellung oder Verjährungshemmung, zu der er hinzugezogen wurde, oder kurz vor einem Gerichtstermin sein Mandat niederlegt und der Mandant bzw. die Mandantin – u. U. unter dem Druck der Antrags- oder Verjährungsfrist oder des Termins – nunmehr eigenständig handeln muss, weil er, bzw. sie in der Kürze der Zeit keinen neuen Berater mehr finden kann.”

Then there is the claim for remuneration, section 628 BGB (German Civil Code). Have you heard of it?

“Upon termination, the attorney’s remuneration for the services rendered up to that point shall be due in full pursuant to Section 8 (1) RVG. In addition, after the termination of the mandate, there is an obligation to settle and, if necessary, repay advances received.”

“Mit der Kündigung ist die Vergütung des Rechtsanwalts bzw. der Rechtsanwältin für die bis dahin erbrachten Leistungen nach § 8 Abs. 1 RVG insgesamt fällig. Zudem besteht nach der Kündigung des Mandats eine Verpflichtung, erhaltene Vorschüsse abzurechnen und ggfs. zurückzuzahlen.”

Un peu more detailed it reads something like this:

“If, after the commencement of the service, the employment relationship is terminated on the basis of Section 626 or Section 627 of the German Civil Code, the obligated party may, in accordance with Section 628 (1) sentence 1 of the German Civil Code, in principle demand a part of the remuneration corresponding to the services rendered to date. If he terminates the contract without being induced to do so by conduct in breach of contract on the part of the other party, or if he induces the termination of the contract by his conduct in breach of contract on the part of the other party, he shall not be entitled to remuneration to the extent that his previous services have become partially insignificant for the other party as a result of the termination. This does not pose any major problems in the case of consulting services on an hourly basis. In the case of remuneration according to RVG, this can lead to the complete omission of remuneration in court proceedings. This is illustrated by the BGH (ruling dated 29.9.2011 – IX ZR 170/10):

(1) If the lawyer terminates the client-lawyer relationship without being induced to do so by the other party’s conduct in breach of the contract, he shall not be entitled to remuneration insofar as the client has to appoint another attorney-at-law, whose remuneration would also cover the terminating lawyer’s work.

(2) A loss of interest shall also be assumed insofar as the attorneys who have been newly instructed on the basis of the termination can no longer perform timely procedural acts, can no longer submit timely declarations and can no longer participate in past appointments if these acts would also have been compensated with the statutory remuneration owed to them.”

You just vanished into thin, corrupt Bavarian air. However, you still proffer your questionable services on the Lawyer YouPorn site ‘my-sozialberatung‘ as of writing. A sort of honeytrap to lure unsuspecting potential clients.

Did you consider all this, or is professionalism anathema to you and you think you can just sneak away?

“Wird nach dem Beginn der Dienstleistung das Dienstverhältnis auf Grund des § 626 oder des § 627 BGB gekündigt, so kann der Verpflichtete nach § 628 Abs. 1 S. 1 BGB grundsätzlich einen den bisherigen Leistungen entsprechenden Teil der Vergütung verlangen. Kündigt er, ohne durch vertragswidriges Verhalten des anderen Teiles dazu veranlasst zu sein, oder veranlasst er durch sein vertragswidriges Verhalten die Kündigung des anderen Teiles, so steht ihm ein Anspruch auf die Vergütung insoweit nicht zu, als seine bisherigen Leistungen infolge der Kündigung für den anderen zum Teil bedeutungslos geworden sind. Dies stellt bei Beratungsleistungen auf Stundenbasis keine großen Probleme dar. Bei einer Vergütung nach RVG kann dies im gerichtlichen Verfahren dazu führen, dass eine Vergütung gänzlich wegfällt. Hierzu anschaulich der BGH (Urt. v. 29.9.2011 − IX ZR 170/10):

  1. Kündigt der Rechtsanwalt das Mandatsverhältnis, ohne durch vertragswidriges Verhalten des anderen Teils dazu veranlasst zu sein, steht ihm ein Anspruch auf Vergütung insoweit nicht zu, als der Mandant einen anderen Prozessbevollmächtigten neu bestellen muss, mit dessen Vergütung auch die Tätigkeit des kündigenden Anwalts abgegolten wäre.
  2. Von einem Interessenwegfall ist auch auszugehen, soweit die auf Grund der Kündigung neu beauftragten Rechtsanwälte fristgebundene Verfahrenshandlungen nicht mehr vornehmen, fristgebundene Erklärungen nicht mehr abgeben und an vergangenen Terminen nicht mehr teilnehmen können, wenn mit der ihnen geschuldeten gesetzlichen Vergütung auch diese Handlungen abgegolten gewesen wären.”

The following should be taken cum grano salis, especially since you as a lawyer do not want to compromise your excellent relationship with the Social Court and the Jobcenter to your own disadvantage (which should always be avoided. Keyword ‘Dinero, Buckeroos’). Be that as it may:

“In the event of termination of the contract by the professional, in order to avoid loss of rights on the part of the client, those actions must be taken which are reasonable and cannot be postponed; this refers in particular to the duty to inform and clarify. This includes, for example, the duty to inform the client of current deadlines or of corresponding risks that can only be avoided by immediate action.”

“Bei einer Kündigung des Auftrags durch den Berufsträger bzw. die Berufsträgerin sind zur Vermeidung von Rechtsverlusten des Auftraggebers/der Auftraggeberin in jedem Fall noch diejenigen Handlungen vorzunehmen, die zumutbar sind und keinen Aufschub dulden; gemeint sind damit insbesondere Hinweis- und Aufklärungspflichten. Hierzu gehört beispielsweise die Pflicht, dem Auftraggeber/der Auftraggeberin laufende Fristen mitzuteilen oder über entsprechende Risiken, die nur durch sofortiges Handeln vermieden werden können, aufzuklären.”

Perhaps the following professional law implications would be important for attorneys to consider. In case you fuckin’ care:

“Pursuant to Section 43a (5) BRAO in conjunction with Section 4 BORA, third-party funds are to be paid out at the latest immediately after the termination of the mandate or – insofar as possible and permissible – offset against outstanding fee claims.
The lawyer’s duty of confidentiality under Section 43a (2) BRAO in conjunction with Section 2 (1) BORA shall continue to apply after termination of the client relationship.
Pursuant to Section 11 (1) sentence 1 BORA, the client must be informed without delay and without separate request of all events and measures of importance for the progress of the case. The client must be informed of all important documents received or sent. This obligation shall continue to apply even after the lawyer’s mandate has been terminated, provided that the lawyer receives documents.
In this respect, it is advisable to inform the other party of this after resigning from the mandate. However, in legal proceedings, the power of attorney continues to exist until a new attorney is appointed, Section 87 (1) ZPO. Here, if necessary, service is to be effected and acknowledgement of receipt is to be made in accordance with § 14 BORA.
Pursuant to Section 50 (3) BRAO, the handing over of the case file, if requested, may in principle be refused until the lawyer is satisfied with regard to the fees and expenses owed by the client. This does not apply, however, if the withholding would be unreasonable under the circumstances, e.g. would lead to a considerable loss of rights.”

“Fremdgelder sind nach § 43a Abs. 5 BRAO i. V .m. § 4 BORA spätestens unverzüglich nach Mandatsniederlegung auszukehren bzw. – sofern möglich und zulässig – mit offenen Gebührenforderungen zu verrechnen.
Die anwaltliche Schweigepflicht aus § 43a Abs. 2 BRAO i. V. m. § 2 Abs. 1 BORA gilt auch nach Beendigung des Mandatsverhältnisses fort.
Nach § 11 Abs. 1 S. 1 BORA ist die Mandantschaft über alle für den Fortgang der Sache wesentlichen Vorgänge und Maßnahmen unverzüglich und ohne gesonderte Aufforderung zu unterrichten. Ihr sind alle wesentlichen erhaltenen oder versandten Schriftstücke zur Kenntnis zu geben. Diese Verpflichtung wirkt auch nach Mandatsniederlegung fort, sofern der Rechtsanwalt/die Rechtsanwältin Schriftstücke erhält.
Insoweit empfiehlt es sich, nach Mandatsniederlegung die Gegenseite davon zu unterrichten. Allerdings besteht im Anwaltsprozess die Vollmacht so lange fort, bis ein neuer Prozessbevollmächtigter bestellt ist, § 87 Abs. 1 ZPO. Hier sind ggfs. Zustellung zu bewirken und noch Empfangsbekenntnis nach § 14 BORA abzugeben.
Die etwaig gewünschte Herausgabe der Handakte kann nach § 50 Abs. 3 BRAO grundsätzlich so lange verweigert werden, bis der Rechtsanwalt bzw. die Rechtsanwältin wegen der von dem/der Auftraggebenden geschuldeten Gebühren und Auslagen befriedigt ist. Dies gilt allenfalls dann nicht, soweit das Vorenthalten nach den Umständen unangemessen wäre, also bspw. zu einem erheblichen Rechtsverlust führen würde.”

I hate to tell you, but you give the appearance of a fly-by-night lawyer. It should be mentioned for the sake of completeness, the Munich Social Kangaroo Court didn’t give a damn your breaking the law. Who knew?

Well, Jobcenter, Social Court and lawyer, the burning question again, how much money have you cleaned up? You, the lawyer who has achieved nothing, absofuckinglutely nothing over more three years.

A lawyer, socially engaged in ‘reboarding‘ (one wonders about the experience being reboarded by you) and enhanced with prominent Pinterest presence is kindly requested to make an effort.

IOW, me likes to see an answer by August 10, 2022.

An answer that does not insult my intelligence. Thanks a lotta.

I have a lovely pastime, madam. I love chewing gum and kickin’ fuckin’ ass. Trouble is, I’m outa gum.

If this all sounds like I detest you, it couldn’t be further from the truth. You’re just a sick, fuckin’ joke of a lawyer without any integrity. Besides, you’re blonde. You crooked lawyer simply helped/stood by in defrauding my daughter and her mother. In racist Germany. Oh btw, have you and Dan Hull (1) ever met by any chance?

Lastly, I’d like to mention the Nepali lawyer Sapana Malla who I know personally. She is an absolute professional of utmost integrity. You might want to know, Nepalis make a certain sound and gesture when they express disgust about someone. It is unmistakable and deeply embarrassing. Just saying.

If you’ll excuse me now. I’ll have to check why my pink 1973 Hyundai refuses to run. Breaks my heart. We have such a deep relationship.

À plus tard,

(draw in my signature here)
I am not an attorney, but Leonard J. Crabs is.

(1) US based corporate litigator Dan Hull in an email in 2016: “A lot of German lawyers are assholes”.


But wait! That’s not all!

Significantly Insignificant? The Life in the Margins of that Strasbourg ECtHR

Excerpts from my complaint “Complaint with the ECtHR about tricky Munich judge“. BTW, my second greatly treasured Single judge decision.

“According to the C.’s knowledge, the President of SC Mrs. Mente was in contact with the Munich Public Prosecutor’s Office in the period from June 2, 2020 to June 16, 2021 (A PSC 1, PSC 2) due to alleged insults of Judge E. by the C. (Az. 845 Ds 259 Js 153060/20) The C. is perplexed, how a court, which is in contact with the public prosecutor’s office Munich over a period of one year and was “supplied” in this period with submissions against the C. by Judge E., is able to judge independently and unprejudiced. Several negative decisions by Judge E. fell into this period. One wonders why a president of a social court does not preemptively relieve the judge of the cases. Perhaps it was assumed that the public prosecutor’s office would not grant access to the files. “False face must hide what the false heart doth know.””

A judge who files a criminal complaint for alleged insult is at the same time able to judge independently and unbiased? Seriously, ECtHR? That’s bold.

“Even more perplexing is why a judge is so eager to continue to judge after these declarations of no confidence. To suppress documents, to table fraudulent decisions in disregard of the BSG judgment of 24.11.2010 – B 11 AL 35/09 R (keyword “allowance” (“Freibetrag”)), to accept open racist insinuations from the JC unquestioned (sublease contract of the daughter deemed not credible), to ignore an important witness summons.”

A judge who waves through fraud by disregarding vital parts of a court decision of a higher court is acting properly? You must be kidding, ECtHR.

“A monetary adjustment from 2019 onwards decided by the Federal Cabinet, to which the JC deliberately did not comply (action in Sept. 2019, S 42 AS 1968/19), leaves him cold and he passes a complaint for failure to act of May 2020 on to the Bavarian LSG at a cost of € 560.00. There is nothing at all to decide for a judge here. It is virtually a law.”

What exactly is the purpose of a law then, ECtHR?

“He forces the C.’s daughter to appear in court in person under the threat of a penalty payment of € 1,000 in the event of non-appearance. (A 15) This in a case in which part of her earnings from a vacation job were requested by the JC by threatening confiscation. (S 42 AS 2594/16)”

So the ECtHR is of the opinion a judge can blatantly indulge in migrant voyeurism by forcing a migrant to appear in his court who has been defrauded by the Jobcenter Munich of her legally earned money during a vacation job? Interesting take, ECtHR. Kudos.

Not done with that, “Judge” Ehegartner resorts to a blatant lie. The power of attorney of my Tibetan daughter allegedly did not exist. Why not, after all, this is racist Germany, almost anything goes. Trouble is, the POA was faxed to the Munich court in Oct. 2019.

“Judge E. had deliberately falsely claimed at the hearing in Oct. 2020 in the presence of C’s lawyer that the C.’s daughter had not sent a power of representation (A 9) to the SC.”

Suppression of documents is “judge” Ehegartner’s go-to means.

“The part of the chairman of the 42nd chamber of the Munich SC, Judge Ehegartner (hereinafter ‘Judge E.’), in the representation of the interests of the JC includes suppression of documents, refusal to allow the lawyer to inspect files over two years in three cases concerning the C.’s daughter. He communicates with the C. instead of the lawyer. Not an isolated case at the SC according to Google Reviews!”

What would then be the purpose of Art. 6 3c ECHR (to defend himself through legal assistance)? Refusal of inspection of court files by the lawyer is condoned by the ECtHR? All that is deemed dispensable when a court from the Western part of Europe is involved, right? It is fairly obvious that the ECtHR is heavily negatively biased towards Eastern countries, ain’t it so?

“He insists on electronic forms of communication that do not exist at the JC.”

A whole slew of decisions is based on this requirement. The Jobcenter does not provide any form of submitting documents with a qualified electronic signature. This is Bavaria where hibernation in public offices runs twelve months. And get this, I sent an email to the criminal head of the JC, Anette Farrenkopf, in June requesting the name of Electronic Signature Card(s) they accept. No answer.

. . . . . . . . . .

Dinah Shelton, Professor of International Law Emeritus, provides an explanation in the Pdf ‘Significantly Disadvantaged? Shrinking Access to the European Court of Human Rights‘:

As states do not like to be found in violation of their human rights obligations, it is not surprising that they would seek to limit admissibility, even (or especially) in respect to meritorious claims.

Currently, the Registry undertakes an initial evaluation of applications. A nonjudicial rapporteur23 from the Registry decides whether the application should be assigned to a single judge, a Committee or a Chamber, and assists the single judges, transmitting the lists of cases deemed inadmissible to the judges for approval. The President of the Court decides on the number of judges designated to sit as single judges and appoints them to serve for a period of one year.24 The Rules of Court provide that where the material submitted by the applicant is ‘on its own’ sufficient to disclose that the application is inadmissible or should be struck out of the list, it is to be considered by a single judge unless there is some special reason to act to the contrary.25 The single judge may declare inadmissible or strike out the application without further examination or appeal, notifying the applicant of the decision by letter. As Cameron has noted and judges on the Court have confirmed in discussions with the author, the lists transmitted electronically to the single judges contain only one or two sentence summaries of each matter recommended for dismissal, identify- ing the right being invoked; the judges do not see the applications26 and a few have complained of feeling that they are expected to ‘rubber-stamp’ the decisions of the Registry.27 Once the application is rejected, the author of it is sent a form letter so indicating, without explanation or reasoned decision, simply stating that ‘taking ac- count of all the elements in its possession, and to the extent that it is able to evaluate the allegations formulated’, the Court sees no reason to proceed.

She cites a further convenient fact in footnote 24:

The problem of a ‘hidden judiciary’ of secretariat lawyers making the actual decisions is not unique to the European system. Cameron notes that this can create problems of integrity when the Registry is partly staffed with temporarily seconded personnel paid for by individual states: see ibid. at 34.

For convenience sake (from Antoine Buyse’s Pdf ‘Significantly Insignificant? The Life in the Margins of the Admissibility Criterion in Article 35 § 3 (b) ECHR‘):

It could thus very well be that the admissibility criterion may continue its life in the margins of the Convention system. At the very least, it will become more invisible, since decisions by single judges usually remain unpublished.

There you go.

I am perplexed, ECtHR.

European Court of Human Rights judge Andreas Zünd dishes up another single-judge decision

No surprise here. Complaint from March 2022 ‘Complaint with the ECtHR about tricky Munich judge‘ conveniently shoved under the carpet. There it stays for one year before it gets dumped into the trash. Thought it might be advisable to submit my application in English in order to circumvent the German Connection at the court. Zap, pops up a judge from Switzerland.

Portrait of Andreas Zünd, judge elected in respect of Switzerland Portrait of the judge elected in respect of Switzerland, Mr Andreas Zünd

Judge Andreas Zünd (Switzerland)

Born on 8 February 1957, in Niederwil, Switzerland

  • Studies in Law, University of Bern, Switzerland, 1978-1982
  • Law Degree (lic. iur.), University of Bern, 1982
  • Bar exam, Canton of Aargau, Switzerland, 1984
  • PhD in Law (Dr. iur.), University of Bern, 1986
  • Law clerk, Court of Appeal, Canton of Aargau, 1986-1987
  • Law clerk, Swiss Federal Supreme Court, 1987-1996
  • Substitute Judge, Court of Appeal, Canton of Aargau, 1989-2002
  • Military pre-trial Judge, 1993-1998
  • Substitute Judge, Swiss Federal Supreme Court, 1996-2004
  • Judge, Court of Appeal, Canton of Aargau, 2002-2004
  • Judge, Swiss Federal Supreme Court, 2004-2021
  • Member of the Criminal Law Division, Swiss Federal Supreme Court, 2004-2009
  • Second Public Law division, Swiss Federal Supreme Court, Member (2009-2021), President (2010-2016)
  • Judge of the European Court of Human Rights since 29 March 2021.

Andreas Zünd dishes up yet another single-judge decision. My second so far and chances are good that more will be coming. Salient, that despite my application is in English, he avails himself of the French language. Historical reasons perhaps? French/English animosity? You be the judge. His manners have all the appurtenances of an aloof court.

One should of course be aware how this court works. The judge has not read the application. He/she just signs. Applications are all pre-screened by the Registry (read ‘Significantly Disadvantaged? Shrinking Access to the European Court of Human Rights‘ by Dinah Shelton) unless it is a big case, a very prominent person, or it is a complaint about an Eastern European country.

One thing immediately struck me. He has an impressive CV from 1978 till today. He is educated and every person I know at least tried hard to produce a signature that “projects what you want others to think of you“. Looking at his signature, I am not quite sure what to make of it. Is this the Alien Wingdings font? The man is over 60 and his signature resembles the scribbling of a slightly retarded teen. After all, “every time you draw your signature on a piece of paper, you make a statement to yourself and to the rest of the world, saying: “See, this is who I am. That’s what I want you to think of me. That’s the way I want to be seen and known. It does not matter what my real personality is.”

What does a small signature reflect?

“A very small signature shows lack of confidence to pull off day-to-day tasks. Such writers do not hope to get respect, acknowledgement or appreciation from others.”

“According to handwriting signature analysis, if a tiny signature co-exists with other handwriting strokes indicating low self-esteem, such as a low t-bar and small personal pronoun, it points to the writer’s diffidence and timidity.”

This can hardly be the case in this instance. Vanessa Van Edwards suggests:

“If you had a tiny signature, you might need to work on claiming your space a little more, and pumping yourself up. Don’t stick yourself in a small box if you don’t have to!”

Judge Zünd seems to be pumping himself down when he just skips the third, or is it the second letter of his last name.

Here is the translation of his single-judge decision:

(Repuête no.13992/22)
filed on 8 March 2022

The European Court of Human Rights, sitting on 25 May 2022 as a single judge in accordance with articles 24 § 2 and 27 of the Convention, has examined the above application as submitted.

The application is based on Article 6 § 1 of the Convention, Article 6 § 3 (c) of the Convention and Article 6 § 3 (d) of the Convention.

The Court finds, in the light of all the evidence in its possession, that the facts set out in the application fall within its jurisdiction, that they do not disclose any appearance of a violation of the rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Convention or the Protocols thereto, and that the admissibility criteria set out in Articles 34 and 35 of the Convention have not been met.

The Court declares the application inadmissible.

Andreas Zünd

Have been reading the court’s ‘Annual Report 2021‘ and this image below captures a general trend there.

Remarkable number of single judge decisions at the ECtHR in 2021

Even more remarkable when one compares the number of struck out decisions. It is a whopping 67% increase in 2021 over 2020. Again, do read the Pdf of Dinah Shelton and there are a lot more on the subject ‘single judge decisions’.

A whopping 67% increase of single judge decision at the ECtHR in 2021 over 2020.

Congrats from my side as well. More than deserved.

Further comment on Andreas Zünd’s (well, he just signed) decision.

Federal Ministry of Justice, a stalking judge in Germany? Surely you must be kidding


Federal Ministry of Justice
Fax: 030/ 18 580 – 95 25

cc Social Kangaroo Court Munich, criminal Jobcenter Munich, Public Prosec. Munich

March 19, 2022

Ref.: That racist, stalker & “judge” Ehegartner of the Social Kangaroo Court Munich

To whom it may concern,

When dealing with a lady, common courtesy and dignity suggest a comportment of a man commensurate that of a gentleman. A proper education, not steeped in blasé attitude and cockiness, would propound to act like a chevalier. In certain quarters of the exalted discipline of law this noble demeanour seems to be alien. Enter the bucolic province of Bavaria with Master Robert Shallow Ehegartner.

I would appreciate if you at the BMJ would get in touch with the esteemed President of the Munich Social Kangaroo Court Mrs. Mente. For the sake of completeness, madame is adorned with a PhD in law, iow, Diplom Rechtsanwalt. Di niente.

In which I take umbrage about the boorish conduct of Munich Social Court “judge” Robert Shallow, Esquire Ehegartner. I do not take it lightly when said person feels entitled to stalk my Tibetan daughter. When a woman explicitly and in writing tells a court that she wishes “no contact in any form from the social courts regarding the ongoing disputes”, then that should be pretty fuckin’ clear!  That is where everything stops. No contact. No bullshitting. Are we clear?!

In a letter of Feb. 24, 2022 and received by me on Feb. 26, 2022, this Falstaffian “judge” asks my daughter to comment on case S 42 AS 2594/16 by March 2, 2022. Turns out, this despicable provincial Law Lord of ill intent had already handed down his verdict (based on suppression of two documents to cover up fraud by the criminal labor office Jobcenter) on Feb. 10, 2022. This is how a real Kangaroo Court acts in racist Germany. This is how a sly deemster deals. This is how a rotten judge indulges in migrant voyeurism in racist Germany. Quelle surprise.

On March 13, 2022 I have filed a criminal complaint with the public prosecutor of Munich against the Punkah Wallah in the Zenana of the Jobcenter, “judge” Ehegartner for stalking my daughter. As can be expected in corrupt Germany, this will go nowhere.

Bullshit Ability may indeed be considered an honest signal of intelligence according to Martin Harry Turpin et al, Department of Psychology, University of Waterloo, but it should be put to practice in appropriate situations, certainly not in a court of law.

Perhaps I am a tad too sensitive. It is just this bucolic rough charm of the sweaty Aborigines of this pre-Alpine province that is so alien to me and repugnant. They disgust me.

Words fail me to express my gratitude for your understanding and readiness to address these unpleasant incidences. I trust that I have made myself fuckin’ clear. Please refrain from sending me those disclaimers/jurisdiction/federal structure yaddayadda pointers and whatevs you dig up. If you, chances very slim with those politicians one would not wish to ever meet at a party or anywhere, should elect to reply, I would politely discourage. Politicians and associated persons affect my mood in a deflationary way. In plain French, I can not stand them.

Gnōthi Seauton,

The Honorable President of the Social Kangaroo Court Munich Edith Mente (Diplom Rechtsanwalt)

Fly-by-night lawyer anyone?

JujuBee Hein-Schnieder


Sozialgericht München
Fax: 13062-314

Lawyer Hein-Schnieder
Fax: 23888020

13. März 2022

S 42 AS 2594/16 (stolen vacation job wage of daughter)
S 42 AS 165/17

Lawyer Hein-Schnieder,
President Social Court Munich Mente,

I have received that fax the lawyer had sent to the court on the exact day of the court hearing, Feb 10, 2022, duration 11am to 12.35pm to cover fourteen cases and including a recess. Remarkable, to say the least. Receipt of fax at court was at 11.56am. Thank you.

It should be noted, the fax was signed on behalf of lawyer Hein-Schnieder by lawyer Maurer.

Unfortunately, still missing is an answer to my enquiry

  • who contacted the lawyer from the court?
  • What did that person from the court say?

You both would not have anything to hide, would you? The chronology points to a lot of hurry on both sides, does it not?

I am looking eagerly forward to get those details. I have an enquiring mind, a mind that yearns to be satisfied, s’il vous plaît.

Kindly further allow a question to you both. You are aware of the ZPO, BGB, BRAO?

Lastly, professional conduct of a lawyer – one who is not a fly-by-night-lawyer – would suggest that such an eminent lawyer would kindly get on the seat of his/her pants and pen a reason for terminating the mandate. 

This prolixic friend of proper style and conduct feels perturbed that he even has to mention this. Apparently, the customs of the aborigines of this bucolic pre-alpine province are different. They are alien to him and he feels disaffected.

Thank you,

President of Kangaroo Court SG München Mente