You are black, have a German last name, want to pay with a bank card in Germany? Not a good idea

Isn’t it funny? The window mannequins at Germany’s Antidiscrimination Agency @ADS_Bund did not bother about this email sent to them in April:

German Antidiscrimination Agency, an African couple refused access to shop during period of Corona restrictions. Seriously?

No response. All shoved under the carpet in true German tradition.

Guess what, it’s fucking ROSSMANN again. Here is the SPIEGEL, this time it happened in Berlin.

Racially insulted, then threatened by the police? Berlin police are investigating the incident in the Rossmann branch.

On Wednesday at shortly after 10 a.m., the Berlin-based Vanessa Henke uploaded a 15-minute video on Facebook, which spread rapidly in the coming days. In it she reports that she wanted to pay with her card in a Rossmann branch. The cashier asked her to prove her identity – although several white customers in front of her didn’t have to.

Then she first presented an insurance card, on which her first name Berênïcé would be. She said that to the cashier and then handed in her ID, on which both first names were noted. The cashier then accused her of misusing cards. A black woman couldn’t have such a German name, she would have said.

Black, German sounding name and bank card. Not good at all.

A black woman like me couldn’t have a card like that, the name sounds too German, she was told.

And then police turned up. IOW, racists in uniform. Do read the piece in full and use Google translate. Totally worth it and none of this is surprising in any way.

Will the window dummies in Berlin do anything? Fugget About It.