Fraud by judge of Social Court becomes socially acceptable in racist Germany

Even if public prosecutor Ken Heidenreich would turn his other blind eye on this case, there is nothing to see of any misconduct.

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Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency (FADA) (1)
Glinkastraße 24
10117 Berlin

Sept. 15, 2021

cc BMJV, BMAS, SC, Bav. SC, Federal SC, County Court Munich, Public Prosecutor Munich, ECRI

Complaint about three judges of the Munich County Court and public prosecutor Heidenreich

To whom it may concern, perhaps interims Bernie,

I. On Sept. 6, 2021 I had to file a complaint with the County Court Munich after my complaint with the Local Court on Aug. 16, 2021 received, as was to be expected, an unsatisfactory decision of Aug. 26, 2021 (File # 845 Ds 259 Js 153060/20 – 28 Qs 23/21). On about two pages the judges Hillmeier, Schumann and Eser wasted valuable resources of thin sheet material made from plant fibers – which raises the subject of ecological sustainability, it should be noted in passing – by committing themselves to the subject of a ‘public defender’. This was never an issue in my complaint of Aug. 16, 2021. Unfortunately, the pressing subject of sticking to laws received exceedingly scant attention. Quelle surprise. Institutional racism has now three more names.

I had referred to

  • my right to be heard in preliminary proceedings pursuant to Section 163a (1) sentence 1 of the German Code of Criminal Procedure (StPO).
  • Further, my Dec. 2020 criminal complaint against “judge” Ehegartner was ignored. It is however neatly placed in the court file Exhibit 46 and 48 enjoying a prolonged sleep.
  • I took the liberty yet again to point to the decision of the Federal Constitutional Court 2 BvR 1304/12 and here the marginal no. 14 and marginal no. 15 c, and
  • lastly, I could not help but feel the obligation to acquaint the august court with an introduction to the ‘Guide on Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights’ (updated on 30 April 2021) and here to section 174. There it reads:

“In any case, in systems where the prosecuting authorities are obliged by law to take into consideration both the facts for and against the suspect, a procedure whereby the prosecuting authorities themselves attempt to assess what may or may not be relevant to the case, without any further procedural safeguards for the rights of the defence, cannot comply with the requirements of Article 6 § 1 (Natunen v. Finland, §§ 47-49; Matanović v. Croatia, §§ 158, 181- 182).”

Alas, it proved fruitless and I was left with the impression of having talked to a brick wall. I do believe further elaborations would be redundant, as the general trend of this court of the province of Bavaria is self-explaining by now. A highly questionable “judge” of a Social Court who stops at nothing and who even after thirteen attempts of me to get rid of his sorry soul, insists on carrying on with his sordid deeds, has to be protected. By breaking laws, that is.

II. This impression was reinforced when public prosecutor Heidenreich applied his trademark rejection on Aug. 06, 2021 (# 120 Js 165253/21), which in exquisite Bavarian prose manifests itself to the discerned eye thus:

Pursuant to Section 152 (2) of the German Code of Criminal Procedure (StPO), preliminary proceedings for prosecutable criminal offenses may only be initiated if there are sufficient grounds for doing so. According to criminalistic experience, these must make it appear possible that a prosecutable criminal offense has been committed.
Mere suspicions do not justify charging someone with a crime.
There are no apparent indications of criminally relevant conduct.

For the sake of completeness, I should mention that the Munich prosecution has so far, and will always, refused to follow up on ALL criminal complaints I have filed. The Bavarian Nolle prosequi.

I have attached my criminal complaint against “judge” Ehegartner and the president of the Social Court. The fraud and the means by which this career-obsessed “judge” and individual of questionable and indecent intentions operates are stunning and the evidence damning. It should be added that in case 3 (Wahrnehmung des Umgangsrechts) this heinous “judge” does not even stop at defrauding the Nepali mother of my daughter. She had taken a loan of € 735.00 to cover the cost of a plane ticket to Nepal so that she could see her daughter after four years. “Judge” Ehegartner is a despicable person through and through and plies his trade with abandon in consensus with the Jobcenter Munich as is demonstrated in case 8 (Regelsatz), where blatant fraud flies into one’s face.

And, speaking of Munich prosecution, this just in today from the international press: “Would you be interested in some German gangsters?”

One comment (1) in DER SPIEGEL about the Federal Conduit for Hypocritical Conflict Management, aka the Federal Anti Discrimination Agency, reads:

“Anyone who, as a disadvantaged person, expects a concrete solution to his or her problem from this authority is naive anyway. I can also talk to a wall. The message is counted there and filed away. Once a year, there is a small report on how many letters/emails have been received. You don’t need a manager for that, the clerk does it.”

My complaint would be remiss if the question “COMMUNICATING JUDICIAL DECISIONS: A BLACK BOX OR TRANSPARENCY?”, posed by Team Czech Republic with Daniel Askari, Kristina Blažková and Kristina Rademacherová, would not be raised. Considering that “publicity is the very soul of justice”, as Jeremy Bentham rightfully stated, one should assume that “elements of transparency include: … presentation of judges (including photos and biographical information), …” and be made publicly available.

It is therefore surprising how hard it is to obtain pictures of German judges, unlike in the USA for example. Is tradition still reigning supreme, the brown rug so alluring, an interested soul may ask?

Anyway FADA, no response is not an option. At all!

Forsan et haec olim meminisse iuvabit.


(1) The comments to this article are pretty unanimous.

Criminal complaint attached ‘Exhibit1

Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency, I am pretty conservative when the Nepali mother of a migrant is being defrauded by a judge of a social court

cc ECRI, BMJV, BMFSFJ, BMAS, SC, Bav. SC, Federal SC

Nancy Böhning could have relieved Bernhard from his suffering

Bernhard Franke,

you are the interim’s guy heading the FADA, aka the Anti Discrimination Agency of racist Germany. That’s quite a stretch. IOW, the FADA is a false flag organization, or if you prefer, a conduit for hypocritical conflict management. It is also, so it seems, an SPD organization with lucrative posts.

You received two complaints – so far – on July 26 and Aug. 3, 2021 with a complaint about the President of the Social Court Munich Edith Mente and racist “judge” Ehegartner respectively. So far no response. You know, Bernhard, I am pretty conservative when the Nepali mother of a migrant is being defrauded by a judge of a social court. But then I do not know the FADA’s standards.

It is a pity indeed when “Bar Camp” woman Nancy Böhning‘s (FFS, don’t read the comments) application got derailed by a contending bitch woman. It is also disconcerting when the Administrative Court Berlin had to get involved in the selection process of your successor and one can bet the farm on it that person will/has to be a, err, woman. So much about anti discrimination. This here reads like the whole thing FADA resembles a swamp; besides that, only female names appear. And that article is from April 2019!

Anyway. Bernhard, the pictures on the internet show you mostly in a suffering mood and I can relate to that. Well, in some you look drowsy. Being a male place holder has to sour one’s mood. Makes one placid.

Still, I would appreciate if you, or any other of your distinguished comrades-in-arms could assemble a response. It’s just the decent way to deal with something so sleazy. Glad you agree. Decades of sports have instilled in me a decent level of tenaciousness.

Thank you

Section 160 and 163a Code of Criminal Procedure superfluous in racist Germany when a fuckin’ migrant is defrauded by a racist and criminal judge

Chrissy Lambrecht @BMJV_Bund

Section 160 and 163a Code of Criminal Procedure superfluous in racist Germany when a fuckin’ migrant is defrauded by a racist and criminal judge? The name of the racist and criminal judge is Ehegartner, Social Kangaroo Court Munich.

Howdy guys @fragdenstaat – Mind if I call your thing ‘Federal Circuitous Bullshitting Platform’?

Di niente.

In which I elegantly steered the subject in the desired direction. Why did it take you blokes more than a year to depublish this:

Subject: “Is a civil servant operating under a false name engaged in administrative activity under public law within the meaning of § 1 SGB X?” („Ist ein Beamter operierend unter falschem Namen in öffentlich-rechtlicher Verwaltungstätigkeit im Sinne des § 1 SGB X tätig?“)

Here is their website.

German Ministry of Justice, does calling Germany a racist country constitute a criminal offence according to Criminal Code 185?

First some essential reading.
Human Rights Law Review: Hate Speech and the European Court of Human Rights: Whatever Happened to the Right to Offend, Shock or Disturb?

German-Style Internet Censorship Catches On Around the World. Do read the comments there.

The World Loves Free Speech—Except When They’re Offended. Finally, that ubiquitous “hate speech” trope and Popehat’s Ken White with ‘How To Spot And Critique Censorship Tropes In The Media’s Coverage Of Free Speech Controversies‘.

. . . . . . . . . .

Bundesministerium der Justiz und für Verbraucherschutz

cc Bavarian Administrative Court, Munich Administrative Court, Social Court Munich, Bavarian State Social Court, Local Court Munich

June 18, 2021

Statement ‘Germany is a disgusting racist country’ a criminal offense (CC 185) ?

Dear Federal Minister of Justice Lambrecht,

I can not help but notice that any form of Free Speech is in perpetual decline in your country that has meanwhile embarked on the hate speech trope. In a case in which a stupid and devious civil servant from Munich used a false name when filing a criminal complaint with Munich police in May 2015 against me and my Tibetan daughter, I demanded to see his personnel file. This in order to prove the real person behind the alias ‘C. Paucher’. As expected, it was declined.

In my complaint with the Bavarian State Social Court from May 7, 2019 (File # L 1 SV 16/19 B) I called Germany a “disgusting racist country” (“widerwärtiges Rassistenland Deutschland”). Judge Dietrich of the Munich Administrative Court saw this assessment as a vilification (“Schmähung”) (Criminal Code 185) of Germany in his decision from April 9, 2021 (File # M 32 K 19.4219 and M 32 K 20.508) and refused to accept the case (see annex). Based on a law that exists only in the province of Bavaria and contravenes Basic Law.

I am not sure now if this judge is aware that CC 185 protects the personal honor. A state is not a person or an individual. It pains me to have to expressly state the obvious, but I do get the distinct impression that free speech is not a fundamental human right this judge treasures. Besides, in just one letter judge Dietrich managed to impress me with his down to earth intellect.

As coincidence would have it, the ZEIT Online on June 6, 2021 featured – yet another – example of blatant racism in Germany. Martin Hyan relates there:

“We were beaten to hospital”.

Martin Hyun was the first German ice hockey player with Asian roots. Long before Corona, racism shaped his everyday life.

Martin Hyun: As a hockey player with South Korean roots, I was often the target of racism. From opposing players, coaches and fans. This was expressed quite openly, with insults like “Chink,” “Jap,” or “Fiji. Or with phrases like, “Why don’t you play in the rice paddy?” Once, fans referred to me as “Nasi Goreng,” and hundreds of spectators laughed. The message was clear: I am not one of them.

Hyun: Once I was stopped by a steward while I was out. He asked me about my function. He couldn’t imagine a person with Asian roots playing field hockey.

Integration in Germany? Hm, think again. Not even in German parliament.

Hyun: My parents came to the Federal Republic as guest workers in the early 1970s. My father was a miner, my mother a nurse. They were the first-born children and regularly sent money to their families in South Korea. My parents also worked weekends and never took vacations so that we children could afford the expensive schoolbooks. I thought that with a good degree, all doors would be open to me later. But it wasn’t like that.

ZEIT ONLINE: What was your experience?

Hyun: I worked temporarily for a member of parliament in the Bundestag. Once, a woman there wanted to call security because she couldn’t believe that someone like me was working in the hallowed halls of politics. Another time, during an interview for a job in diplomacy, I was asked about my loyalty to Germany.

More incidences readily spring to my mind:

Refugee withdraws Bundestag candidacy because of threat.

Tareq Alaows was the first refugee to want to run for the Bundestag. Now the Green politician has withdrawn his candidacy. The reasons are the “high threat situation” and “massive experiences of racism”.

Burning mattress in police detention cell with foreign person on it. Dead! The NSU killings … all covered up.

Does all this surprise me at all? No, considering the way your German labor agency Jobcenter, the Federal Labor Agency BA and your courts treated me and my Tibetan daughter.

So here is my question, Minister:

Does calling Germany a racist country constitute hate speech and /or is it a criminal offence according to Criminal Code 185?

The Minister of Justice’s opinion would then enable me to argue a criminal complaint against judge Dietrich and the Social Court Munich on a solid legal foundation. A criminal complaint for vilification of migrants in Germany. It will be fruitless, but in its ineffectiveness ultimately prove for the umpteenth time what Germany is, a disgusting racist country.

Please feel free to reply in German, preferably in Pdf form. Letters overwhelm me technically.

Thank you,