What Germany can expect from a Scholz government

“And that brings us to Olaf Scholz, Merkel’s finance minister, and the leader of the social democrats (which were in many ways a reference for the left globally at some point in the very distant past), which are uniformly described as center-left (NYTimes here). I will not spend too much time discussing that, but I would note that a left of center government must have policies to promote the wellbeing of the working class, including higher wages and something that resembles full employment. The German Social Democrats are not that. And if Mr. Scholz manages to form a coalition government, it will be with the Greens, which will push for degrowth (on that see this old post), and perhaps with the neoliberal Free Democratic Party, mostly people that have not seen a fiscal adjustment plan they did not like. So Merkel’s legacy lives on.”

Matias Vernengo – Merkel, Scholz, the German Social Democrats and the Meaning of the Left in an excellent post.

Germany 2021 – 2025

In a nutshell:

“The upcoming German election will do nothing to change this doleful historical verdict of her.

In political risk terms, we already know the outcome of the pivotal German election this weekend: Germany will have an unwieldy three-party coalition and nothing will get done. The math is the most important factor in assessing the outcome, not the horse race.”

There is nothing to add. John Hulsman’s full post ‘The long shadow of Merkel: Germany has a future of delay and gridlock‘ here.

Dear Germans, you were invested with universal suffrage.

Sixteen years you wisely chose matriarchy. Richly remunerated with a quota for females you were, and tainted cars. Corruption at an all-time high. A healthy poverty rate of 20%. Of Himalayan heights your electricity rates while at the same time you deliriously indulge in the vain feeling of environmental sustainability. Oh ye proud sheeple. Your pathetic personality is fortified by the acronym GDPR. Or so you believe.

Stay this course and be not tempted by the siren grins of a dwarfish douche from Hamburg.

“Berlin is a dysfunctional city, a ‘failed state.'”

Quelle: Anne Gabriel-Jürgens

Hi, I’m Wolfgang,

Sure remember me at BMW, don’t you? Didn’t work out quite as I envisioned, so I went into gas and stuff, like a blonde hot chick. I came here today to chew gum and kick ass. I’m out of gum.

Anywho, Germany is fucked. I mean FUCKED!

“After almost 16 years of Merkel, Germany is a redevelopment case in many areas: bureaucracy stuck in the fax age, a digitalization backlog, no fast Internet, massive deficiencies in infrastructure and ailing schools are just a few examples of deficits that are shameful for a leading industrialized country.”

“The state claims total control over vaccination and fails miserably – as it always does when it comes to efficiency and speed. Unnecessary numbers of people are dying because of the incompetence of our over-regulated government apparatus.”

I’m not yet done. Just warming up.

“Berlin is now arguably one of the worst-governed capitals in Europe.

Turning a blind eye to crime, allowing squatting and the spread of clan crime – everywhere you look: Berlin is a dysfunctional city, a ‘failed state.'”

(That’s from some German paper to which I won’t link.)

You can not put 16 years of Merkel more plain and distilled into a couple of sentences.