Goethe and Emmanuel Macron

Today is Goethe’s birthday. What a coincidence that around that day the French Napoleon midget Emmanuel Macron felt the need to visit a, well yeah, former colony. But first back to the birthday kid who had this to say in ‘CONVERSATIONS WITH GOETHE – IN THE LAST YEARS OF HIS LIFE’ to Eckermann.

“The example of Napoleon has, especially in the young people of France who grew up under that hero, excited a spirit of egotism; and they will not rest until a great despot once again risés up among them, in whom they may see the perfection of what they themselves wish to be. The misfortune is, that a man like Napoleon will not so soon again be born; and I fear that some hundred thousands of human lives must be wasted before the world can again be tranquillized.”

Pretty spot-on.There’s a war, thousands killed, the supply chains broken, inflation raised its ugly head, energy got expensive due to the complete dumb nuts from the Empire of Doom EU and the new currency is commodities and that has an owner, Russia.

Five weeks ago, Italian PM Draghi went begging for energy to Algeria and now the French discount king asking for some gas and, boy, is he welcomed.

Macron gets hero’s welcome in Algeria. That went like this:

“One, two, three, viva l’Algérie!”, “How is Brigitte?” can be heard in this “Chirac-like” image. But, unlike his predecessor, the reception was more mixed, with sometimes hostile slogans heard from the other side of the street: “Fuck you!”, “France is eating our country”, “We are at home”… “We are against France, because it does us a lot of harm”, says a passer-by. “The economy: he must help us!”, demands another. “Macron comes only for one thing: the gas”, finally assures an Oranese.

From last year: Macron is following in the failed footsteps of the wrong Napoleon, as John Keiger observes.

An American in an “Attempt at objectivity”

This is no lefty, no commie. He’s Filthie and he tries to explain Russia, Putin, Ukraine and in doing that a lot of fucked up politicians. Filthie is pretty good. Decide for yourself.

An Attempt At Objectivity

“I wonder if this isn’t just a case of acclimation? Think about it – for the last 40 years, we in the west have elected a steady stream of ridiculous fops, carnies, perverts, and shysters for our leaders. Turdo. Macron. Biden. Merkel et al. Even the retards are beginning to see it and lose patience with them. Could it be that we are so used to these cretins posing as our leaders… that we no longer recognize a warrior when we see one?

It’s a recurring theme I see going on with the disconnected normies, the self proclaimed experts, and the other Globohomo zombies… is this idea the Putin is a mad man, a megalomaniac, and a murderous socialist zealot. Where have I heard this kind of codswallop before? The chant used to be “Orange Man Bad!!!”. Now it’s “Russia Man Bad!!!”. The same message coming from the same tools that brought America a cooked election and a fake pandemic. Gah – I’ll leave Aesop and the foot-loops to their stories and narratives…. but now I am genuinely interested now. Who is Vlad Putin? What makes him tick?

Hmmmmm. Born in 1952. Grew up with the Cold War. Graduated from law school and went to work for the KGB in 1975 or so. Welp… he isn’t an idiot, that’s for sure. He rose in rank and retired from the KGB as a lieutenant colonel. So, we can safely say he’s no nut job either. He was the Russian answer to James Bond, really. 

Got started in politics, and was brought in to turn Russia around. When the old Soviet Union collapsed, many former east bloc countries fell into anarchy and chaos and turned into war zones run by competing gangsters and war lords vying for control. People complained when Vlad seized extraordinary powers for himself, and used them to eliminate his rivals. What folks don’t get is the fact that any number of Vlad’s rivals were just as bad – and many were far worse – than he was. They would have used the exact same tactics too. That is the way Russians roll. It’s also why, when their politics go sideways…tens of millions of innocent people end up dead. In Russian terms, Vlad is a saint. And turn Russia around he did! When he first came to power the population of Russia dropped as people flooded west to more freedom loving countries. As he slowly reversed the economic depression, people started having families again and the population of Russia started to rise. Russians have no use for the morally and intellectually bankrupt. Putin began finding such people in his govt – and ruthlessly rooted them out. Our leaders today would have probably been sent to the gulag decades ago if Putin were in charge.

In 2015 turmoil and disorder erupted in the Ukraine. The US – over the objections of Putin and his country, overthrew a legally elected leader installed a puppet Ukrainian govt headed by Zelensky. Almost at once Zelensky started poking and taunting the bear. The Ukraine competes with Russia as a gas and oil supplier. Under Zelensky, the Ukraine started extorting billions of dollars a year from Russia by playing fast and loose with trade agreements and ignoring others altogether. 

The US didn’t listen to the Russian complaints because the Ukraine bought off the Bidens, the Kerrys, the Clintons, and the Romneys. There are undoubtedly others. So… no, General Aesop. Putin didn’t just wake up one day and decide to invade the Ukraine. He tried to talk to you about it, and you didn’t listen to him.The Ukrainians under Zelensky went on to the kill 14,000 civilians in the former Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts. The first thing Zelensky did was make the use of the Russian language illegal even in areas where Russian was the dominant language. Putin isn’t asking for anything unreasonable either. NATO has been crowding his borders with tanks, troops, and ordnance for over a decade now – this despite their promises that they wouldn’t do that. He wants your troops off his borders, he wants an end to the corruption and blatant theft of the finks in the Ukraine, and he wants a mutually enforced neutrality for the Ukraine. You could have thrown him a bone at any time during the last decade… but you pissed in his face and called him names instead. Now you and the mean girls are trying to cancel him on Facebook and Twitter!

Biden and faggots like you have been tormenting and taunting the shit out of that Russian Bear, and if you keep fucking with him…you’re going to find out. As we speak, Russia is slowly pounding the Ukraine into rubble. All you need to do is start TALKING to the guy to make it stop. Ball’s in your court, morons.

Putin is not a nice guy. He is a warrior – unlike certain gay male nurses in California that pretend to know it all. Putin does not like killing but will do it if that is what he needs to do in order to safeguard his country. Politics that come from bumper stickers and one liner memes aren’t going to cut it.

It’s said that people get the govt they want and deserve. Perhaps we have ours… and the Ukes are getting theirs? Time will tell I suppose.”

Blatantly without mercy ripped from Filthie.

Emmanuel Macron – “He’s like a fireman, he’s not afraid of the fire.”

Excellent piece on Vanity Fair France. Where? Yes, you heard that right, VF. Excerpt:

“Uh…sorry, Emmanuel Macron is coming to town?

On Monday, January 10, 2022, she was on her way to Tende, a thirty-minute drive away, determined to express her thoughts to him. On the spot, as much public as forces of order. Not so fast – the security confiscates the piece of cardboard on which she intends to write at the last minute. She waits in the cold with her friends, thinks and scribbles her message in her hands. Here he is approaching. She shows him her palms: “Fuck you.” A silence, the time for the head of state to understand the message. He reads and seems to laugh behind his mask: ” Thank you, it is nice, he answers. Good luck, and protect yourself above all.” Here is a good thing done, Justyna can return to Saorge, with the feeling of accomplished duty. I didn’t insult him,” she assures me a week later, surprised by our call, “I just used his language…”

It’s an ordinary scene of macronie. A lady pisses off the president, the president pisses off this lady, and nobody is surprised. The TV news did not show the image, the news channels did not make a flash of it and even the social networks did not talk about it. In five years, the president has not been idle: one day, he tells a young horticulturist that he only has to cross the street to find a job; another, he poses with a young man from Saint-Martin, shirtless and with his middle finger in the air; still later, he is slapped by a medieval fan from the Drôme. Striking, disturbing, disturbing, absurd, funny … These pictures are part of what we will remember the five-year term of Emmanuel Macron. In these moments of contact and confrontation, spontaneity speaks and so does the unconscious, drawing, in hollow, a portrait of the man, his presidency and a fractured country.”

Read the whole fun piece here about EM who “wanted to be the “Jupiter” president”. (in French)