German Labor Ministry BMAS, via the stupidity of frigtard Jürgen Sonneck to “Certified German Criminal Civil Servants Fachkräfte”

German Labor Minister Hubsi Heil pondering socialist aesthetics of a double chin while Dieter’s getting pumped for the day.

Howdy @BMAS_Bund (blocked), German Labor Minister Heil, mayor of Munich Town Reiter @StadtMuenchen, Detlef @Bundesagentur (blocked), introducing Missus fucking Stupid, Douche-McGouche Jürgen Sonneck aka C. Paucher.

Jürgen Sonneck aka C. Paucher

Hubsi, Dieter, Detlef, how could this pathetic blunder happen? In the province of Bavaria, with its aborigines, the beacon of intellect, the living proof of Darwin’s flawed theory.

Germany is known for its ‘Fachkräfte’, so there is no reason why this hallmark should not be extended to German criminal civil servants. IOW Dieter & Hubsi & Detlef, let’s together work on setting the standards for “Certified German Criminal Civil Servants Fachkräfte”. Nothing less. Remember Tom Peters’ mantra: “distinct… or extinct”.

One thing is clear, hairloss cum stupidity is too much a society can bear and Jürgen Sonneck’s stupidity is ginormous. It runs full metal jacket against the minimum standards of criminality one would expect from a Teutonic civil servant.

So much to learn from this Bavarian mook Jürgen with his above room temperature IQ. Hubsi, Dieter, Detlef, when one of your criminal civil servants intends to email a criminal libelous complaint to police using a false name the next time, here are eight concise points to adhere to.

  1. Get a fucking burner tablet in a store. Pay with cash, not card!
  2. Create a NEW identity with Google. One that does not point to you, douche-canoe.
  3. Google ‘How to Bypass Gmail Phone Verification in 2020’ and ‘How to Create Gmail Without Phone Number’ if need be, twat waffle.
  4. Move your ass to a different place, dingleberry. When sending an email to police or any other gov. place, your IP address is recorded as well! Living in Munich, take the train to Lengries, Garmisch, or so. Find open Wifi. Better yet, book a cheap train ticket to Austria or if you like South Tyrol, Sterzing. Beautiful place. Same there, look for public Wifi, enjoy cake and cappuccino and do your rotten thing, fuckin’ creep.
  5. BUT KEEP THIS IN MIND! If your complaint with police is referring to a CEO of an office at which you work – man, are you a total moron?! Obfuscation is the game in town, sucker. Deflect. Every idiot knows you never rob a bank in your neighborhood!
  6. For fuck’s sake douche nozzle, keep chronology in mind. Do not rush it! Let time work for you, dimwit. When the court decision on a case you filed was made on a particular day and you dash off your email to police on that day … For Christ’s sake, this is a rookie mistake, you fucktard.
    With full-blown idiots like Jürgen Sonneck one can not even raid a Currywurst Bude. Ends up like Bobby Lasorda in ‘Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead’.
  7. Remember wangbadan, it’s called a burner tablet for a reason. Once done, destroy it, burn it and throw it into a dumpster.
  8. Lastly, never bank on courts that they keep on refusing inspection of files.

Hubsi Heil, Dieter, Detlef, anything to add from your side? Remember Tom Peters: “If you are not confused then you are not paying attention.”

I do not consider it necessary to explicitly explain that I of course demand full restitution of damages by that little pony! Do you Ugly Germans have anymore cheap tricks up your sleeve involving basement associates with @BMAS_Bund and @Bundesagentur ? Perhaps Swatting, Hubsi?! “There is nothing like race, is there?” as Oscar Wilde suggested.

Ave atque vale

PS. Most of it happened under your predecessor, the hideously ugly fucking fat frump Andrea Nahles. Detlef didn’t qualify for a picture. Lacks any aesthetics.

FEDERAL EMPLOYMENT AGENCY needs time to comment on stupidity of its former civil servant Jürgen Sonneck from Munich

Howdy senpai Detlef Scheele @Bundesagentur (blocked) cc @BMAS_Bund (blocked, you guessed it meanwhile),

I received notice that my enquiry of May 25 based on your country’s super generous ‘Information Freedom Act’ IFG has not been responded to. So I sent a reminder yesterday. Hope it did not fall on your feet.

Dieter, no sweat. I really understand you, the convulsions you must be going through. Worse that a woman having her period. I mean how do you best address the fucking stupidity of your former civil servant Jürgen Sonneck from Munich? When the twat waffle engages in an “Administrative procedure act under a false name” and totally forgets his IP address is being transmitted as well. Your pathetic Sindey Lumet version of Bobby Lasorda. God, Detlef, how could this shit happen?

So here is my heartfelt suggestion. Take your time in phrasing your response. Perhaps a little bit Heidegger for good measure or Albert Speer. But, please, do answer. I can be incredibly persistent and nagging.

Allow me one final question Detlef, do you always look like on this photo? May I suggest you invest a little into high quality booze and shun that supermarket hooch? BTW, class act how you got rid of that bitch.

Detlef, man love rules supreme. Yours truly and don’t disappoint me.



Bundesagentur für Arbeit & Detlef Scheele mögen Anfragen an ‘FragDenStaat’ nicht

BA Capo Detlef Scheele, kurz bevor er die Schnecke in den Kopierraum verfrachtete.

FragDenStaat liess am 27. Juni mitteilen:

Ihre Anfrage „Verwaltungsverfahrenshandlung unter falschem Namen“ wurde offenbar nicht in der gesetzlichen Frist beantwortet und ist nun verspätet.
Wir empfehlen Ihnen eine weitere Nachricht an die Behörde zu senden und den Status der Anfrage zu erfragen.

Dies betrifft die Anfrage an die Bundesagentur für Arbeit (gleiche erging auch an Hubsi Heils BMAS). Das verwundert nicht, ist das Sujet doch etwas pikant und ausserdem die BA für Maulfaulheit bekannt, wenn die Anfrage sich bezieht auf:

FragDenStaat – Betreff: Jürgen Sonneck – Verwaltungsverfahrenshandlung unter falschem Namen

Und die weitere Nachricht lautet:

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

meine Informationsfreiheitsanfrage „Verwaltungsverfahrenshandlung unter falschem Namen“ vom 25.05.2020 (#187347) wurde von Ihnen nicht in der gesetzlich vorgeschriebenen Zeit beantwortet. Sie haben die Frist mittlerweile um 2 Tage überschritten.
Bitte informieren Sie mich umgehend über den Stand meiner Anfrage. Lassen Sie sich inspirieren durch Martin Heidegger:

„Sprache ist lichtend-verbergende Ankunft des Seins selbst.“

Di vos incolumes custodiant