Refugees compelled  to power the machine learning of companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon

Following some excerpts from “Refugees help power machine learning advances at Microsoft, Facebook, and Amazon – Big tech relies on the victims of economic collapse“.

“A woman living in Kenya’s Dadaab, which is among the world’s largest refugee camps, wanders across the vast, dusty site to a central hut lined with computers. Like many others who have been brutally displaced and then warehoused at the margins of our global system, her days are spent toiling away for a new capitalist vanguard thousands of miles away in Silicon Valley. A day’s work might include labelling videos, transcribing audio, or showing algorithms how to identify various photos of cats. 

Amid a drought of real employment, “clickwork” represents one of few formal options for Dadaab’s residents, though the work is volatile, arduous, and, when waged, paid by the piece. Cramped and airless workspaces, festooned with a jumble of cables and loose wires, are the antithesis to the near-celestial campuses where the new masters of the universe reside.”

All that toiling spiced with some slogans these Western digital behemoths can come up with in their do-good drive.

– give “the most underprivileged people in the world”

– “job creation” in the Global South

– how does “impact sourcing” sound?

– “Give work, not aid”

– “virtual assembly line

– microwork programs

The Finnish company Vainu outsources tasks to prisoners that would otherwise go to Mechanical Turk, aiming to usher in, by its own lights, “a kind of prison reform.”

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