What do Michel Barnier and this German woman not understand?

Michel Bernard Barnier and this German woman.

Oh what blatant nonsense coming from, where else, Brussels. From that German woman. She is plain bollocks.

BREXIT FURY: EU chief VDL tells MEPs deal ON BRINK over Boris’ bill ‘A matter of LAW’

BRUSSELS boss Ursula von der Leyen today warned Boris Johnson’s threat to rip up the Brexit deal had poisoned trade talks.

To which I, Fritz Nietzsche, have to say this. As a matter of fact, I said it decades ago:

I see over and beyond all these national wars, new “empires,” and whatever else lies in the foreground. What I am concerned with—for I see it preparing itself slowly and hesitatingly—is the United Europe. It was the only real work, the one impulse in the souls, of all the broad-minded and deep-thinking men of this century—this preparation of a new synthesis, and the tentative effort to anticipate the future of “the European.” Only in their weaker moments, or when they grew old, did they fall back again into the national narrowness of the “Fatherlanders”—then they were once more “patriots.” …

But to the help of such minds as feel the need of a new unity there comes a great explanatory economic fact: the small States of Europe—I refer to all our present kingdoms and “empires”—will in a short time become economically untenable, owing to the mad, uncontrolled struggle for the possession of local and international trade. Money is even now compelling European nations to amalgamate into one Power. In order, however, that Europe may enter into the battle for the mastery of the world with good prospects of victory (it is easy to perceive against whom this battle will be waged), she must probably “come to an understanding” with England. The English colonies are needed for this struggle, just as much as modern Germany, to play her new rôle of broker and middleman, requires the colonial possessions of Holland. For no one any longer believes that England alone is strong enough to continue to act her old part for fifty years more; the impossibility of shutting out homines novi from the government will ruin her, and her continual change of political parties is a fatal obstacle to the carrying out of any tasks which require to be spread out over a long period of time. A man must to-day be a soldier first and foremost that he may not afterwards lose his credit as a merchant. Enough; here, as in other matters, the coming century will be found following in the footsteps of Napoleon Macron—the first man, and the man of greatest initiative and advanced views, of modern times.”

Some people may not like it, my unknown friends (for as yet I know of no friends) but let me ruffle some feathers:

“For the tasks of the next century, the methods of popular representation and parliaments are the most inappropriate imaginable. … The real German Mephistopheles crosses the Alps, and believes that everything there belongs to him.”

Yet I despair looking around in Berlin.

“There has always been a want of wit in Germany, and mediocre heads attain there to the highest honours, because even they are rare.”

“We love Europe, we just hate the European Union.”

We love Europe, we just hate the European Union. It’s as simple as that…. I’m hoping this begins the end of this project. It’s a bad project. It isn’t just undemocratic, it’s anti-democratic, and it puts in that front row, it gives people power without accountability…. There is a historic battle going on now across the West, in Europe, America, and elsewhere. It is globalism vs. populism. And you may loathe populism, but I tell you a funny thing: it’s becoming very popular.”