German Labor Ministry BMAS prefers things covered up and not published on the net

cc JC, Dieter Reiter, SG, LSG, BSG

Howdy Anette @BMAS_Bund ,

Two things upfront, sweetheart. Don’t bullshit me. Don’t get smug on me. Haiyaa, Uncle Roger don’t like. There is no case needed with the IFG. You’re a pathetic little liar. And if you need one court case, it’s right there, pumpkin pie: Case 51482/18 (ECHR Single-Judge decision). Gabisce!

Here’s daddy’s suggestion, honey. Publish the crap (i.e. your reply to me from Sept.) on the interwebz at ‘FragDenStaat‘ and we take it from there. Okidokey? I treasure openness and it will get friggin’ open. Will it get embarrassing? You fuckin’ betcha, chiquita. Keywords: your civil servant criminals Martina Musati, Manni Jäger and the ball less fucktard. You might leisurely add to those freaks the racist criminals A. Farrenkopf, S. Nowack et al. from the friggin’ Jobcenter.

The question is simple:

What is the purpose of a ‘Freedom of Information Act’ when it covers criminals funded by BMAS? We are talking libel and black mailing.

Honey, since we are at it, could you mayhaps tell me why some bloke claims his name to be rotten fuckface C. Paucher when in reality his name is racist Jürgen Sonneck, formerly Jobcenter Munich? Ask Dieter Reiter, he prolly can give assistance. Better yet, here is the address of the idiot:

Landeshauptstadt München – Referat für Bildung und Sport
Bayerstraße 28, 80335 München
Telefon: +49 89 23396777

And get this, no fuckin’ civil servant shitface of you insufferable Krauts sends me and my daughter police using a false name. We clear, sugar tits? Tell pancake face, aka Hubsi Heil, I expect full damages and make sure my daughter gets a new Mac, you fuckin’ Ugly Racist Germans.

So, Princess Peach, get the stuff done on FdS and one more thing, lift the fucking block of @ErebusSagace.

Why, then, ’tis none to you, for there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so. To me it is a Naziland.

Preciate taking your time, Sugar Plum.