Hi, you’ve reached the Cory Hotline, four-ninety-five a minute. Here are some words that rhyme with Cory: glory . . . story . . . allegory . . . Montessori.”



. . . . . . . .

When you comment, please ensure it qualifies as a contribution to the subject, as a learned opinion/critique, or a link to a qualified article. Jokes/humour are more than welcome. A meme, if you wish.

If you feel the need to air your laundry of sentiments or moods, you might want to consider using your own medium of publication.

If your comment ‘disappears’, don’t trip – it went to the trash folder and we will restore it when we moderate. Don’t hold your breath.

This site contains images obtained from the internet under the Fair Use Act. If you are the owner of an image seen here and object to its use on this site, please contact us for immediate removal.

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