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1. Per capita CO₂ emissions

2. Subsidies for electric cars in Delhi, India to be withdrawn

3. Donald Trump’s Ageless Advice for Mark Zuckerberg

4. Onoda: The Man Who Fought Reality

5. The aesthetic of the modern farmhouse

6. How 12th-century Genoese merchants invented the idea of risk

7. Metabolism: The Future Envisioned by Architects During Japan’s Economic Boom

8. Metals may become the new oil in net-zero emissions scenario

9. Yves Saint Laurent’s Thoughts on Color in 1977

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1. After rampant ivory poaching, some African elephants lost their tusks — Why?

2. No time to die: An in-depth analysis of James Bond’s exposure to infectious agents

3. Fun at Amazon India

4. How green are electric vehicles?

5. The Electric Vehicle Revolution Needs a Recycling Revolution, Too


7. The Other L-Word – Hitchens from 2010

8. Architect does not share “Charlie’s Vision” for the benefits of a “close-knit” living experience

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1. In Which Bertrand Russell Asks Out a Girl

2. Canary Wharf: A ‘World City’ in an Age of Remoteness

3. Napoleon gave us margarine

4. Pricy and Unpleasant, ‘Yangsheng’ Drinks Are Flying Off Shelves

“One latte, with black sesame, is called “the bitterness of early balding.” Another, flavored with motherwort and rose, is called “the bitterness of forever singlehood.”

5. Miriam O’Brien Underhill Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Men

6. Perhaps David Stahl would again buy your leftover pickle juice?

7. Music and sex

8. Straw houses in France