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1. Report: What You Just Said Reminds Man Of Thing He’d Rather Talk About

2. The Mummy Files: Deciphering the World’s Best-Preserved Ancient Bodies

3. Eurozone anti-fragmentation confusion – its really simple – the ECB has to continue to fund deficits or kaput!

4. The ECB Has a Huge Dilemma: Price stability or Bail Out Nations

5. The Crypto Trilemma

6. Dehumanization Is a Feature of Gig Work, Not a Bug

7. Nonprofit Boards are Weird

8. Bitcoin Is A Hideous Monstrosity

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1. Why Slavery in the Bible Doesn’t Bother Me

2. Fast food pricing

3. Which sources of energy require the least amount of land?

4. The Lucrative, Largely Unregulated, and Widely Misunderstood World of Vaping

5. Ukraine’s EU Accession Plan Is a Suicide Pill for Desperate EU

6. Be warned, a full-blooded European sovereign debt crisis is coming

7. Land link between Europe and Canada makes travelling now easier

8. % Renewable Electricity by Country

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1. Why do so many athletes turn to extreme and unproven remedies?

2. Self-Sacrifice

3. Heidegger and Bart Simpson do crypto (just signup needed)

and do not miss this comment

4. On an April morning in Vienna in 2012, a body was spotted floating in the Danube

5. Next 100 Days of Ukraine War

6. Euro crisis II

7. Meet the fact-checkers decoding Sri Lanka’s meltdown

8. What did we learn from working from home during Covid?

9. How an underground phenomenon triggered by global warming is damaging the Himalayas

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2. Large cost benefits for companies with Machiavellian CEOs

3. Mobile internet access and the desire to emigrate

4. The Johnny Depp-Amber Heard Trial – a former basketball star

5. The dirty dealings of the UCI continue (professional cycling)

6. An Indian Woman Sets Out to Marry Herself

7. Cooking with Cyrano de Bergerac

8. Shoes constructed from sushi are “shoeshi.” A bra whose cups are two bagels, a “bragel.”

9. The Delhi Purple Sapphire – the cursed gemstone stolen from India in 1857