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1. The value of Ukraine as a pawn has not yet been fully exploited by the US

2. Housing in Denmark and Blackstone

3. “Get Big Fast.” How Amazon Accelerated the Commodification of Literature

4. If Haruki Murakami wins, I will eat one of his fancy T-shirts

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Reading Lounge

1. 4,000 Years of Failed Price Controls

2. A short history of the British pound

3. A more recent history of the British pound

4. TikTok creators are condensing Hollywood movies

5. Green Steel: Decarbonising with Hydrogen-Fueled Production

6. Escalating sanctions against Russia shows Europe’s loss of strategic autonomy, brewing irrationality

7. US woman sends resume on cake to Nike

8. Survival of the Richest

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1. Professional fakers are charging people up to $150 an hour to sit in their job interviews for them

2. ‘Samarkand Spirit’ to be driven by ‘responsible powers’ Russia and China

3. We tried to buy our way into The Queue. Here’s what we learned

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7. Pawnbrokers, winners of Germany’s growing economic crisis