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2. The Man Who Quietly Built a Massive Archive of Artists’ Deaths

3. Rhetoric and Rhyme: On Rap

4. Story of an Englishman who took over an island near Bombay in August 1947

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7. Novak Djokovic’s deportation from Australia sets a troubling precedent

Reading Lounge

1. I Was Born Wealthy, And Know Rich People Don’t Work Harder Than You

2. “A French word that is more vulgar”?

3. Merde! “Emmerder” les emmerde

4. In Nazi-Occupied Paris, Swing Kids had their own Resistance Movement

5. Arranging books of a library with Wittgenstein

6. What Kazakhstan Isn’t

7. Why the first Buddhas in art wore finely folded Greek tunics

8. The fascinating world of Khan Saffron

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10. Dan Wang’s 2021 letter