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1. Why does biryani mean so much to so many people on the Indian subcontinent?

2. Leprosy identified in wild chimpanzees for the first time

3. Art Blakey in Africa

4. The Last Papuan Mummies

5. On “paradoxical” fat deposits

6. FedEx: Two Bets on Network Effects – oh, and coal

Reading Lounge

1. ‘Life Is Simple’ Review: A Blade to Shave Away Error

2. How green is your electric vehicle?

3. “TikTok was a canteen; Instagram is a café”


5. LEGO to release a 9,090-piece scale model of the Titanic

6. Amazon copied products and rigged search results to promote its own brands, documents show

7. Is Christopher Hitchens Still Worth Reading?

8. Handwriting is Dying. What Does That Mean For Design?

9. Hoshinoya Tokyo is offering socially-distanced dinners

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1. Blink is a book about people making unconscious emotional judgments, and how this isn’t always a bad thing

2. Confessions of a Michelin Inspector

3. On stamina, dowry and “Village athletes are always the best, we have more toughness. City people cannot compete with us.”

4. You are a medical doctor? Wear a white coat

5. The time Terry Pratchett’s German publisher inserted a soup ad into his novel

6. “But I would like to suggest an even more subtle and intractable form of discrimination yet: interesting-ism.

7. Le Zorro du business – Tapie

8. The Most Hated Brands in Every Country

Reading Lounge

1. Shah Jahan and Microsoft

2. Do not take testosterone when relying on face recognition

3. Capitalism and Degrowth: An Impossibility Theorem


5. Against Veganism – A philospher’s viewpoint

6. The 41 Mile Abandoned Tunnel Hiding in New York

7. How I Biked Across An Icelandic Glacier With My Casio

8. This Begins with an Epigraph

9. Would You Pay to Live in Facebook’s Metaverse?

10. How Istanbul became the Silicon Valley of the mobile gaming industry