Dear Germans, you were invested with universal suffrage.

Sixteen years you wisely chose matriarchy. Richly remunerated with a quota for females you were, and tainted cars. Corruption at an all-time high. A healthy poverty rate of 20%. Of Himalayan heights your electricity rates while at the same time you deliriously indulge in the vain feeling of environmental sustainability. Oh ye proud sheeple. Your pathetic personality is fortified by the acronym GDPR. Or so you believe.

Stay this course and be not tempted by the siren grins of a dwarfish douche from Hamburg.


The difference is that the basic income scheme represents an extraction of goods and services from the Rest of the Economy, whereas the Job Guarantee represents an exchange of 37.5 Labour Hours per week for goods and services from the Rest of the Economy.

In other words the Basic Income participant gets paid twice in real terms . Once in terms of output from some part of the labour hours of the Rest of the Economy and once from their own 37.5 labour hours per week — which are self consumed.

Basic Income injects money into the Rest of the Economy, but without any increase in output available to others. So the total amount of money in the Rest of the Economy naturally chases fewer goods and services. If you are in the Rest of the Economy, you will end up getting less for your money. And we usually call that inflation, but perhaps it is really just a form of theft.