“Becoming a Christian is like giving up walking on the ground”

Deciding to become a Christian is like deciding to give up walking on the ground and do tight-rope walking instead, where nothing is more easy than to slip and every slip can be fatal. … i cannot applaud your decision to go in for rope walking, because i have always stayed on the ground myself, i have no right to encourage another man in such an enterprise. … i’m really interested in what sort of a man you are and will be. This will, for me, be the eating of the pudding. So long! good wishes!

Ludwig Wittgenstein in ‘The Selected Writings of Maurice O’Connor Drury’.

However, he also confessed: “I am not a religious man: but I cannot help seeing every problem from a religious point of view.”

He was a powerful executive. Then he started robbing banks

It’s weekend in depressing COVID times. Why not have a fun read. This one looks promising.

A tall man with white hair walked into the U.S. Bank branch in Rolling Meadows, a middle-class suburb 25 miles northwest of Chicago. He wore black shorts and a sky-blue polo shirt and looked for all the world like a guy running an errand on his day off. He asked a teller for a withdrawal slip while making small talk, and then, as if the segue were the most natural thing in the world, asked if she knew bank policies. She did, she told him, at which point he pulled out a small black gun.

“Since you know bank procedures, this is a robbery,” he said. “Put all of the cash on the counter.” The robber turned to the teller next to her. “No funny business. Give me your money.”

Meet the guy who is “full of shit, but fun full of shit.” Full story here.