Climate fatalism grips young people worldwide

Hopefully Greta and her ilk are not reading this. While papers, blogs and social networks are full of genuine, faked, displayed concerns about the environment, some in the younger bracket seem to have lost hope. So they claim.

A new Ipsos/Futerra global poll finds high levels of fatalism about climate change among young people. Title: “Climate fatalism grips young people worldwide while the urgency for solution-oriented media grows“. Following just the Headlines and some Details. It looks really sad with those young pretenders folks.


  • Landmark Solutions Survey uncovers global attitudes to climate change
  • 20% of young people think it is ‘too late to fix’ the climate crisis
  • ‘Optimism Gap’ correlates with inequality between different groups


Ipsos has partnered with Futerra Solutions Union in a landmark global study that finds surprisingly high levels of fatalism concerning climate change among young people and a new inequality of attitude dependent on age, wealth and location.

Of the 20,000 people from 27 countries surveyed, a fifth of the youngest (under 35 y/o) cohort said they believe it is ‘too late to fix climate change’, highlighting a fatalism about their future not found in older groups.

The survey found younger people to be 66% more fatalistic about the chances of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to a level that will slow climate change to an acceptable degree.

Faith in politicians to act is low, with less than 30% of people worldwide confident that governments are leading climate action. Around 68% are instead pinning their hopes on new technologies (like wind and solar power) to reduce climate change.

58% of those surveyed are optimistic about our chances of solving climate change, against 31% who report a more pessimistic outlook. Optimism correlates with higher economic development.

Full report here and here is Vogue.