SG München “Richter” Ehegartner beleidigt wegen Punkahwallah

Was für ein provinzieller Kleingeist. Er ist in erlauchter Gesellschaft als Wallah.

The Scotsman – 7th April 2016

Jim Duffy: heat is on as India’s business go-getters get going
TENS of thousands of young people are throwing themselves into new start-up companies across India, writes Jim Duffy

When I was a boy, some considerable time ago, I recall watching the BBC sitcom It Ain’t Half Hot Mum. Created by the Jimmy Perry, who also worked on Dad’s Army, it was one of the most “non-PC” comedies Auntie has ever aired, albeit very popular at the time. It was the only British sitcom to have been set outside Britain. In short, it followed the adventures of the Royal Artillery concert party, their encampment and the Indian servants they employed to look after them. The programme will, quite rightly, not be aired again on the BBC having been branded racist – how things have changed for the better.

The officers on the show had their own little abode and outside they had the punkawallah, the servant who, using a pulley system, would keep the punkah – the ceiling fan used in India before the electric fan – swinging and the room cool. The officers also had the chaiwallah who prepared their tea. I’m in India right now as I write this piece and my Indian colleagues are awash with information and very aware of their history. I asked about these two terms, punkawallah and chaiwallah, and the negative connotations that come with them. I was nervous at bringing up these terms as even saying them in English feels to me a bit off. However, I was surprised at the responses I received… and somewhat relieved!

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