Do not use the term ‘Aide-de-camp’ in Germany. It is a criminal offence

Munich public prosecutor Dendl exudes bucolic charm

As a public service the German Ministry of Censorship @BMJV_Bund , meant to say the arbiter elegantiarum in all things Hate speech, and Munich public prosecutor Mrs/Ms (?) Dendl have joined forces to inform about terms that constitute an insult and/or defamation.

Mrs/Ms (?) Dendl exudes a delightful pastoral charm. One can literally smell the Alpine herbs and fresh cow milk. The full framed glasses surely put Jeff Goldblum to shame and her hair is clinical. IOW, dazzling.

Anyway, the ladies would like you to know that the following terms constitute an offence acc. to Criminal Code Section 185 Insult and 186 Defamation. Fasten your pants, here comes Germany with 200,000 such cases in court every year. The Germans never tire.

1. It is a criminal offence to state “Germans are racists”,

2. to call someone a “Punkah wallah in the Zenana”.

No idea why talented Bavarian prosecutor Dendl does not grab E. M. Forster’s ‘A Passage to India’ and reads the respective paragraph. It even plays in a court room. She comes across as bland and bucolic. Illiterate.

3. Do not use the term ‘Aide-de-camp’ in Germany. It is an insult!

4. “spiritual affinity”? For god’s sake, no!

‘I would have a man know everything and yet, by his manner of speaking, not be convicted of having studied.’

Antoine Gombaud, Chevalier de Méré (1607-1685 )

Over and out from The Reich.