Strasbourg Observers Blog refuses to post comment about a highly questionable ECHR Single-judge decision

Which is strange as the blog’s aims are

The Strasbourg Observers Blog is based at the Human Rights Centre of Ghent University in Belgium. The Blog aims to bring new judgments of the European Court of Human Rights under the attention of interested scholars, practitioners and students. To that end, bloggers offer critical analyses of the legal reasoning of the ECtHR by way of short commentaries. The Blog also aims to assess recent legal, political and social developments in Europe through the lens of the Court’s case law.

Not done with that …

The project’s main objective was to study the European Court of Human Rights’ case-law with the aim of proposing innovative solutions to strengthen the consistency and persuasiveness of the Court’s legal reasoning so as to improve its accountability and transparency.

Under the title “European Court of Human Rights single-judge decisions (still) deny justice and risk weakening UN treaty body system” a guest blogger criticizes

the Court’s continued practice of issuing bare admissibility decisions in single-judge formation undercuts its leadership role in articulating human rights law, denies relief to individuals who may have a legitimate human rights claim, and threatens to diminish the protective role of both the Court and UN treaty bodies at a time when infringements of a broad range of human rights are on the increase.

A comment two times submitted went nowhere. What standards do Strasbourg Observers have? Double standards for sure, as this was not the first time they did not publish a comment. I simply and brazenly pointed to this heinous deed of the fucking German civil servant idiot, Jürgen Sonneck from Munich, or as he likes to call himself when contacting Munich police, “C. Paucher”. So here is a pointer to what the guys at SO do not like to see.

ECHR covers Munich criminal civil servant Jürgen Sonneck operating under false name “C. Paucher” (Case 51482/18)