We switch to racist Germany and its welcoming culture towards refugees. Be prepared!

This is from a German newspaper of today.

There is a 26-year-old Pakistani woman who entered Germany in 2017. She was working as an educator in PAK. “Maybe I will train as a nanny or as a socio-educational assistant” in Germany. Germany is in dire need of these professionals, so you would expect they would do everything that she can fulfill her dream.

She had already passed the A1 German language course (which is not easy) at the Goethe Institute in PAK so the B1 in Germany felt pretty easy. She could not attend school in Germany because “I still had no recognition and therefore no right to do the language course”.

You already have a gut feeling where that is heading to, do you? I mean, this is racist Germany and they know how and where to place potholes.

After she was recognized as a refugee she applied for the B2 language test. She studied properly because the test is difficult. She had a good feeling. There, however, a nasty surprise awaited her: in the “listening comprehension” part, Bavarian dialect was spoken.

“I had never heard anything like this before and at first I didn’t know whether it was even German,” she says. Like her, other participants who felt the same about the part of the exam in Bavarian were as well surprised “, so the woman. “The teacher said we were the worst course she ever had.” She failed the test as did 10 out of 15. She has meanwhile succeeded.

Just imagine you are learning English and a test on which your future depends is held in Texan dialect or Scottish.

Despite multiple inquiries, telc GmbH in Frankfurt (apparently the company that runs these courses – they charge what price to the government???) was unable to give a reason as to why the Bavarian dialect was used in German language tests. On the websites of various language schools, however, it can be read that dialects are part of German cultural assets, which should be taught just like the German language itself. “You can prepare for this, for example, by watching a Bavarian television program or listening to a Bavarian radio program.” Ameeta would surely have done that too – if she had known what to expect.

And that is how you make money as telc GmbH can tell you. The question is, how many of those who failed had to give up and were sent shipping? Expecting from a refugee to be able to understand a dialect which even people in Northern Germany have difficulties understanding is, firstly, bonkers and, secondly, a sneaky way of having refugees fail. And ultimately getting rid of them.