Sports office of Munich, please join in effort to guarantee ‘German criminal civil servant Fachkräfte’

Landeshauptstadt München
Referat für Bildung und Sport
Bayerstr. 28
80335 München

cc Jobcenter

Howdie at the Sports office of the state capital Munich,

It is with utmost respect that I contact you today. Could you kindly tell me the email address of the civil servant Jürgen Sonneck, your new head of the sports office?

I am unfortunately not familiar with your internal workings, so it could well be that said person is known under his other name. Nom de plume, if you will. That would then be “C. Paucher”. If you could please figure that out, thank you.

Anyway, the reason is I feel it is by now appropriate to a) address damages incurred by me and my daughter, and b) I deem it vital to use the sorry and braindead incident back in May 2015 as a stepstone towards guaranteeing that the province of Bavaria with its aborigines, and in extension Germany as a whole, can in the future count on professional civil servant criminals. Nothing less.

Criminal civil servant idiots is not what Germany should be associated with. Goverment offices need and deserve true pros. I fancy to call them ‘German criminal civil servant Fachkräfte’, but am open to other suggestions. Please feel free.

My understanding of personal duty obliges me to offer my ever so small input to the Federal Ministries for Family, Labor and, most important of all, the Ministry of Justice and I would love to be Jürgen a part of it. After all, I believe in cooperation and am sure Jürgen has the pussy for it.

I appreciate your attention and eagerly look forward hearing from you ASAP. Please do not overextend the wait because “My good opinion once lost is lost for ever”.

It’s been an undivided pleasure and we keep in touch!

Jürgen Sonneck, aka under false name “C. Paucher”