Twitter IP. Oh!

How could it possibly fail?? A service that feeds into the social sphere, the personal vanity, the urge to express yourself, to join a trend. The new NOW and this NOW has some delirious numbers.

On Twitter you are always IN …  the timeline. Don’t dare to step out, people will miss you.

Who would dare to out himself saying this stuff I am twittering here is not exactly useful? Gee, nobody retweets me. Which does not mean that twitter is idle chatter pure and undiluted 100%. Twitter is constantly moving, FB is static.

Yet it falls into the category of companies with strong growth, no profits, mounting losses. Incidentally Groupon came out with some great numbers the same day. The new normal … until it goes pffffft.

Some old-fashioned companies that actually produce products one can buy for real money look rather sedate against Twitter’s valuation.


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