A reality check might be in order for Germany in this NSA thingy.

Spying on other countries, heads of state, armies, companies etc. is at least 4,000 years old. Germany has not managed to be that old but it has managed to lose two big wars in the relatively short time span of 40 years.

To begin with, the start of the new FRG was a little rocky: The first chancellor of the new Federal Republic of Germany refused to pay compensation to the jews and had to be pressured by the US.

Germany has a history of undermining boycotts against rogue countries. Being totally dependent on exports it continued to do business with Iraq under Saddam Hussein, and continues to do so with North Korea, with Iran, and the tanks deal with Saudi Arabia is simmering on. Presently it is using Poland and Turkey as a financial conduit for its secret exports business with Iran. That is not particularly endearing to the USA.

The corruptest CEO of Germany, Heinrich (“Act like soldiers”) von Pierer had the temerity of bribing for international business big time. That did not go down well with its main competitor GE and the US and Siemens is still in the doldrums. Guess why?

Chancellor Merkel refused to join the Libya mission and actions against Syria. She keeps bungling the EU crises and thus hampering any progress to get the world economy back on track.

Not to forget the hanging sword over her of an alleged (alleged???) membership with the Stasi. That is pretty big baggage she is carrying around. So the US naturally wants to know what the Lady is talking.

Her ad nauseam imploring of being partner with the USA and being friends with the USA is based on a total misunderstanding what a partner is in the world community. Germany has never been a partner with the US and it is not a member of the Five Eyes. Germany has no army to speak of and if an international conflict crops up, Germany hides behind her constitution.

Germany  has never even been a partner with Greece, Cyprus, Ireland, Portugal and Spain and … Germany is the paymaster for these countries as long as she has the financial capacity for she must pay in order to keep the club from breaking up.

9/11 was planned in Hamburg and the German intel had no clue. Germany has pretty open borders and not all new arrivals have benign intentions. German authorities showed their total incompetence (willingly?) in the NSU affair.

Making yourself dependent on Russian gas is not something the USA can afford to be unconcerned about.

Obama’s latest visit to Berlin showed very clearly who is calling the shots and who stands pat. He made it conspicuously clear when someone is allowed to take off the coat during a public speech. He as a guest made that statement!

The German press seems to be delirious in saying the American public is concerned about these spyings. I am sorry guys but Joe Sixpack does not give a rat’s ass about Germany and why should he?

Glenn Greenwald in The Guardian:

There are three points worth making about these latest developments.

First, note how leaders such as Chancellor Angela Merkel reacted with basic indifference when it was revealed months ago that the NSA was bulk-spying on all German citizens, but suddenly found her indignation only when it turned out that she personally was also targeted. That reaction gives potent insight into the true mindset of many western leaders.

Second, all of these governments keep saying how newsworthy these revelations are, how profound are the violations they expose, how happy they are to learn of all this, how devoted they are to reform. If that’s true, why are they allowing the person who enabled all these disclosures – Edward Snowden – to be targeted for persecution by the US government for the “crime” of blowing the whistle on all of this?

If the German and French governments – and the German and French people – are so pleased to learn of how their privacy is being systematically assaulted by a foreign power over which they exert no influence, shouldn’t they be offering asylum to the person who exposed it all, rather than ignoring or rejecting his pleas to have his basic political rights protected, and thus leaving him vulnerable to being imprisoned for decades by the US government?


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