Had it not been for his throbbing shlong, German homeland-security agent Andreas T. might have heard one of twelve foreigners being shot in his vicinity


When Halit Yozgat was fatally shot in an internet café in the german city of Kassel german homeland-security agent Andreas T. heard a bang as he was sitting in the rear part of just that internet café but was unable to parse the loud bang he had witnessed with anything that could possibly be a real explanation.  Only days laters did he learn about the killing from a newspaper which is apparently the modus operandi how german intelligence agents get their riveting news.

He had paid though 50 cents on that particular day by putting them on the desk behind which the slain Mr. Yozgat was lying dead on the floor. Special agent Andreas T. did not see this.

But there was another much more important reason behind his temporary inability to display just a semblance of professionalism: he felt running the risk that his wife might learn about his frequent visits of online sex chat forums.

This came to the light during the whitewash NSU (national-socialist underground) trial currently being conducted in Munich, launch pad of Adolf Hitler a couple decades back. There can be no doubt that if anybody is looking Fuehrer justice to be served, he came to the Reich place in Bavaria.

Oh, Germany has meanwhile dispensed with his excellent services of protecting the constitution and it is to be hoped that Andreas T. has copious time for masturbating furiously in front of a monitor.

The whole ridiculousness of this revolting shit here and here. (run it through Translate)


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