Why I love India

Many reasons but a major one is Hinglish. It never fails cracking me up. This came in some days ago:

Dear Sir/Madam,

Greetings for the seasons………..

We would like to introduce ourselves that we are Sourcing Agents, Inspections Agents(Buying office) for the ,Fresh orders, Stocklot and Surplus products in Knitted, Woven and Home Textiles products from Tiruppur which is a major textiles city in South India.

We are having nine yrs of experience in this field and we started this firm to serve our best for our valuable customers.  

We represent Buyers for sourcing of Garments and Home textiles products and continuous monitoring of quality control Pre and Final shipments which is shipping out of India,

We have basic ethics in our business and maintain the cordial relationship all of our customers.

We feel you are very important to us and expecting your valuable support at all times.

 We are very eager to serve you and expecting yr co-operations all the times.


Thanks for yr attentions…….                  

Best Regards







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