Four-terms German chancellor Kohl had an inkling that getting rid of a certain peoples the Nazi way would not be looked upon benignly


The Lady rearranging the flag of that country. “That man is so German.”

He could not go public with this but in a soliloquy of ‘I have a dream’ reckoned that a one-time payment of DM 10,500 should entice enough of the Moruks to hit the road back to the Bosporus.

Chancellor Kohl said… that it would be necessary over the next four years to reduce the number of Turks by 50% – but he could not say that publicly,” notes from the meeting said, according to the Spiegel Online report.

“Germany had no problems with the Portuguese, the Italians, even the south-east Asians, because these communities integrated well,” the notes read.

“But the Turks came from a very distinctive culture and did not integrate well.”

Can you blame them when you try to impress the Lady with Saumagen and when French leftist politician Jean-Luc Mélenchon once said that “amongst those who have a zest for life, no one wants to be a German.”

Still, there seems to have some mending the fences occurred when his youngest son married a, gasp, Turkish woman in 2000. Whether Kohl went ballistic or just sat it out in his trademark way is unknown, yet numbers of immigrants continued to rise steadily.

Thirty years on and Germany has still an awkward relationship toward foreigners. Well, as they say, habits die hard.


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