German state discourages teachers from using “Facebook”


from the department of living in the past

Can a teacher submit his students’ homework by “facebook posting” or via Twitter? Baden-Württemberg’s Minister of Culture Andreas Stoch (SPD) is a lawyer, knows the Privacy Act and has a clear opinion on this issue. In a handout of his ministry, he told the teachers just before vacation start with: “In general, the processing of personal data in the context of school work on social networks of providers is prohibited, unless the servers are operated outside the European Economic Area, it is U.S. company is or access from outside the European Economic Area is possible. “Because of data privacy regulations, the use of social networks for official processing of personal data is” generally prohibited “, it said in the Guidelines of the Ministry.

A tabloid made the minister then equal to the “losers of the day,” the young Union denounced the minister as analog-structured party pooper. “Facebook and other social networks are the experiences of young people. That just then teachers should be kept away from these portals, does not contribute to a prudent use of the social networks in, “said Nikolas Lobel, state chairman of the Junge Union. Similar arguments can find the teacher: The students are no longer accessible via mails or letters today. The smartphone is the most important means of communication, quick date announcements can be notified to students only on the social networks.

full FAZ article here


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