“Abhören von Freunden ist inakzeptabel” Wirklich?

So ein früherer Nachrichtenableser und jetziger Regierungsschleimer oder “ball-gargling prostitute” wie Matt Taibbi ihn wohl nennen würde. “Wir sind nicht mehr im Kalten Krieg.

Wirklich? Ist das nicht heuchlerisch? Hier eine Tafel über die Abhörmachenschaften des BND von Deutschland.

Privacy Surgeon

Privacy Surgeon

The columns refer to:
Column 1: The country concerned
Column 2: Foreign Communications; all incoming and outgoing civilian, military or diplomatic comms
Column 3: State communications (military, embassies, etc.)
Column 4: Civilian communications
+ signifies that communications are intercepted
–  signifies that communications are not intercepted


Hier ein Session Document vom Juli 2001 des Europäischen Parlaments:


on the existence of a global system for the interception of private and commercial communications (ECHELON interception system) (2001/2098(INI))


26. Calls on Germany and the United Kingdom to make the authorisation of further communications interception operations by US intelligence services on their territory conditional on their compliance with the ECHR, i.e. to stipulate that they should be consistent with the principle of proportionality, that their legal basis should be accessible and that the implications for individuals should be foreseeable, and to introduce corresponding, effective monitoring measures, since they are responsible for ensuring that intelligence operations authorised or even merely tolerated on their territory respect human rights;

“Abhören von Freunden ist inakzeptabel” Ach so!

3.3.3. The example of the German Federal Intelligence Service

Department 2 of the German Federal Intelligence Service (FIS) obtains information through the interception of foreign communications. This activity was the subject of a review by the German Federal Constitutional Court. The details made public during the court proceedings, combined with the evidence given to the Temporary Committee on 21 November 2000 by Mr Ernst Uhrlau, the coordinator for the secret services in the Federal Chancellor’s Office, give an insight into the scope for obtaining intelligence by intercepting satellite communications (until May 2001 the FIS was not authorised to intercept foreign cable communications in Germany).

The FIS endeavours, by means of strategic telecommunications monitoring, to secure information from foreign countries about foreign countries. With that aim in view, satellite transmissions are intercepted using a series of search terms (which in Germany must be authorised in advance by the so-called G10 Committee). The relevant figures break down as follows (year 2000): of the roughly 10 million international communications routed to and from Germany every day, some 800 000 are transmitted via satellite. Just under 10% of these (75 000) are filtered through a search engine. In your rapporteur’s view, this limitation is not imposed by the law (in theoretical terms, and at least prior to the proceedings before the Federal Constitutional Court, a figure of 100% would have been allowable), but derives from technical restrictions, e.g. the limited capacity for analysis.

Die Roland Berger Gruppe ist/war wohl auch involviert:

Some of this information is publicly available. There are highly specialised consultancies, including such respected firms as Roland & Berger in Germany, which draw up, on an entirely legal basis, analyses of the competitive position on a given market. In the USA competitive intelligence has now become a standard management tool. Professional analysis can turn a wide range of individual items of information into a clear picture of the situation as a whole.

Deutschland beherbergt den NSA in Bayern:

Germany’s cooperation with the US is a case in point. Much more needs to be disclosed about the terms of this relationship. The 2001 report stated: “In Bad Aibling in Germany an area of land has been declared US territory for the sole purpose of housing a satellite receiving facility.”


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