Royal Geographical Society awards ‘Back Award’ to German chancellor Merkel for discovery of Terra Nova Internet

Royal Geographical Society

Royal Geographical Society

The prestigious Royal Geographical Society, a distinguished British learned society founded in 1830 for the advancement of geographical sciences, is to award the highly coveted Back Award (1882) for “applied or scientific geographical studies which make an outstanding contribution to the development of national or international public policy” to the German chancellor Angela Merkel in July 2013.

Mrs. Merkel made headlines just days ago on the auspicious occasion of the visit of an American president going by the name of Obama when she went public with her discovery of a terra nova called the ‘Internet‘.

True to her upbringing as a very demure girl, she was quick to add that this groundbreaking discovery would not have been possible without the unselfish help of her husband Joachim. Joachim Sauer was instrumental in the discovery of the Internet and had, as some unconfirmed sources say, an epiphany while he attended the Bayreuth Festival some years back.

The discovery is widely hailed in Germany as yet another proof that this country can surprise in dire times.

Merkel on discovering the internet

Merkel on discovering the internet

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