Court confirms Germany is an IT Banana Republic

When it comes to Free Speech in Germany free is not meant to be so free. It is rather expected to conform to certain expectations.

So last week the federal court BGH established that Google must clean up auto-complete suggestions if they are deemed (by whom?) offensive or defamatory.

Rick Falkvinge has a good post titled

Why Google is not a search engine but an investigative News Agency

When the copyright industry is demanding that Google censors “search results” from their investigative reports, they are demanding that an investigative news agency alter their journalistic findings because those findings of fact happen to be starkly embarrassing to the copyright industry. Further, the copyright industry is also demanding that the news agency should lie to the public about what the world actually looks like.

That shows just how obscenely repulsive the copyright industry’s behavior is. Nobody woulddare dream of asking an investigative reporter to alter their journalistic findings just because the result of those findings happens to be inconvenient for a particular industry, by means of putting its incompetence out into the sunlight. Well, nobody except the copyright industry, anyway.

full post here


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