Mutti Merkel’s cookies and 600,000 Greek kids below poverty line

Merkels_CookiesThe cookies that Mutti is baking
Has most of the Eurozone shaking
A nazi at heart
When it all falls apart
Their sovereignty she will be taking!
(Graphic: WilliamBanzai7
Verse: The Limerick King)

New reports on the crimes against humanity in Greece continue to come to the surface, especially concerning women and children.

The Greek Reporter has this story:

The results of a report carried out jointly by UNICEF and Athens University under the title, The state of children in Greece 2013, came into light at a press conference on May 22.

According to a UNICEF official, almost 600,000 children in Greece are living below poverty line. A growing number of children are deprived of basic living requirements.

President of UNICEF in Greece, Lambros Kanellopoulos noted that approximately 597,000 children are currently living in poverty, compared to 439,000 a year ago. Out of that number, 322,000 lack the basic daily nutritional needs.

According to the report, the proportion of children in Greece living in poverty or social exclusion rose 9.2 percent in 2011 to reach 30.4 percent.

“The situation is very worrying. The problems of poverty and social exclusion are increasing,” Kanellopoulos said. He added that the situation has a negative effect both on the children’s welfare and issues concerning their health and development.

and Keep Talking Greece here:

According to the report conducted in cooperation with Athens University, the situation for the children in Greece based on data of 2011 is:

  • 9.2% of the children live in households where not even one family member has a job.

Households with children below poverty line declared:

  • 44.3% inability to a nutrition diet with meat/fish/chicken/vegetables every second day (21.6% in 2010)
  • 39.7% inability to provide satisfactory home heating (37.1 in 2010).
  • 10.1% inability to come up for medical checks and other medical expenses.
  • 37.2% inability to pay utilities, credit cards, loans
  • 34.5% inability to cover extraordinary needs
  •  50.8% inability to pay for one week vacation

Crime among children aged 9-13 increased at 58%


This is not what you read in German papers! They have a different agenda.


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