Angela Merkel sorry for Paul Tudor Jones and proud when her bosom was touched by lips


German chancellor Angela Merkel trying to describe the moment her baby’s lips touched her bosom: “It was this special moment with Joachim when my destination was revealed like a fortunate stroke of serendipity. It was then that I knew I wanted to be chancellor.”

In an impromptu speech to her nation of believers Angela Merkel distanced herself from some rather unfortunate remarks made off the cuff by the US star trader Paul Tudor Jones.

At a symposium PT Jones was elaborating in quite some detail of what really great stuff great traders were made of and that females, far from being inept at doing the same, were just at a certain disadvantage due to their mammal glands.

Merkel strongly denied this in her trademark charme but felt obliged to agree with PT Jones that women  ‘lose focus once they have children’.

more of PT Jones here


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