Merkel toasting 72.5% youth unemployment in W Macedonia and cheaper fucks

Bierzeltauftritt Kanzlerin Angela Merkel

Image dpa

The most powerful woman in the world (Forbes – how fucked up are you assholes?) and acting despot in the bankrupt European Union, Angela Merkel, seen here in Bavaria, the corruptest state in Germany, toasting to the news coming from Greece that in parts of Western Macedonia youth unemployment has reached 72.5%.

She was further elated by the news that Pussy Fucks have become cheaper in Greece. ‘This proves that the German model of wage deflation has its merits not only in Germany but now also in Greece’, Merkel was overheard in a quite inebriated state. ‘You can fuck a Greek cunt now for just 5 euros,’ courtesy to the troika.

And with a surge in prostitution come the drugs, and the danger of an epidemic of blood-transmitted diseases, like HIV:

A hit of shisha, concocted in makeshift laboratories around Athens, costs 3 to 4 euros. Doses come in the form of a 0.01-gram ball, leaving many users reaching for hits throughout the day. They include prostitutes, whom Mr. Tzortzinis photographed in a seedy central neighborhood of Athens called Omonia, next to a large police station.

 Shisha is most often smoked. But it is increasingly being taken intravenously; because of the caustic chemicals it contains, a rising number of users are winding up in the emergency room. Health experts say the injections are also adding to an alarming rise in H.I.V. cases around Greece, which surged more than 50 percent last year from 2011 as more people turn to narcotics.

For Mr. Tzortzinis, who grew up in the area, seeing women give themselves for as little as 5 euros underscores one of the many horrors of Greece’s drawn-out crisis.

Here The Telegraph with a comparison of youth unemployment of the sole beneficiary of the EU project and Greece’s youth unemployment.

youth unemp


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