Direkte Attacke aus Brüssel gg. Deutschlands Lohndumping

The ground is also shifting in Brussels, where EU employment chief Laszlo Andor called on Monday for a radical change in EU crisis strategy. “If there is no growth, I don’t see how countries can cut their debt levels,” he told the Süddeutsche Zeitung.

In a direct attack on Berlin, he said the German practice of “wage dumping” within EMU to gain larger export surpluses “could not be justified”. The surplus states have to changes their policies as well as the crisis states. “Otherwise the currency union will break apart. Cohesion is already half lost,” he said.

Quelle: AEP , der im Weiteren von der Abkehrung Italiens vom Sparkurs von Frau Nein schreibt. Berlin steht mehr und mehr isoliert da.


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