Placement International (Hotel jobs) is a SCAM!!!

So you are interested in a temporary job in a hotel in the USA? Great, because this company, Placement International, offers just that. Lucky you.

Problem is, it is a SCAM!! Under the link ‘Placement Positions‘ they claim to work with Hyatt and Starwood Hotels. I enquired with both and Hyatt today answered in the following:

Greetings …,
Unfortunately this is a scam.  Hyatt does not work with the company Placement International.
Thanks for reaching out to us, best of luck in the career search.

Thank you for your interest in Hyatt,

Hyatt Recruiting Team

And so is their other website (rest assured, they have even more) Just take a look at that pic with the girl in the costume.

photo9How many times have you come across just that pic on the internet??!! Looks pretty familiar, doesn’t it.


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