India ignores media preaching on “net zero carbon”

Finally some common sense in an excellent article on that Western “net zero carbon” mantra bullshit coming out of well climatized offices and think tanks. Greta will probably refuse to eat for three consecutive days. Let’s go with an excerpt from CFACT.

India is just one ”developing” nation that has recognized that the mad rush toward a “net zero carbon” economy does not serve the interests of its ordinary citizens. With that realization, they are also waking up to the fact that serving the public interest necessitates major increases in affordable, reliable energy to power their burgeoning economies.

When first-world reporters write about the developing world’s ongoing love affair with fossil fuels, their reports are “not necessarily the news!” Instead, they editorialize in nearly every story about the “sad” reliance of India, China, African nations, and others on “the highest polluting resource” – coal.

The sirens of cyberspace have embraced as gospel the diktat of the Paris climate accord that countries cut their greenhouse gas emissions (carbon dioxide) to “net zero” as quickly as possible. Otherwise, they chirp in unison, the Earth will soon become a burning inferno from superheating caused by CO2 released from burning fossil fuels.

The “erudite” have decreed that ANY “climate change” will necessarily bring unspeakable horrors upon us all. The zeal for climate stasis by those currently at the top of the pyramid is such that some have even proposed permanently darkening the sky (a highly risky endeavor that could wipe out all life on Earth) to stop the imagined heat from killing us!

But the elitists in Brussels and New York City have a big problem: China, the world’s leader in COemissions, and India, already No. 3 , are not kowtowing to their demands. Moreover, the UN’s “peacekeeping forces” cannot be deployed to force these – and even other, weaker nations – into “compliance,” er, submission.

Full article at CFACT.

“Becoming a Christian is like giving up walking on the ground”

Deciding to become a Christian is like deciding to give up walking on the ground and do tight-rope walking instead, where nothing is more easy than to slip and every slip can be fatal. … i cannot applaud your decision to go in for rope walking, because i have always stayed on the ground myself, i have no right to encourage another man in such an enterprise. … i’m really interested in what sort of a man you are and will be. This will, for me, be the eating of the pudding. So long! good wishes!

Ludwig Wittgenstein in ‘The Selected Writings of Maurice O’Connor Drury’.

However, he also confessed: “I am not a religious man: but I cannot help seeing every problem from a religious point of view.”

With Apologies To Baron Macaulay

Foto: dpa/Uli Deck


Then out spake prim Steph Habarth,
Of unelected lore.
The Oracle of Karlsruh:
“To every persyn upon this earth
Butthurt cometh soon or late.
And how can we do better
When facing vaccine fear,
Than shut down basic rights,
And stop refusers reach?”

With inspiration from Popehat.